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May 16, 2011

34 but now 33..

Confused? I'm talking about the people who follow my blog. I lost a follower! This is tragic ..was it because of my 4 days without posting?! Was it because I poked fun at fat kids?! Did they breastfeed?!

So many offensive posts. So little time. Well, dear follower .. you will be sadly missed :( I'm hoping that it doesn't start some kind of trend where people just unfollow me like mad! I try to be a good blog to follow. I post clever things (if clever = mildly offensive) .. I have pretty photos from time to time (trust me. I know I suck at this) .. I post lots (unless you count the times I don't). Maybe they just didn't like that I posted about my 3 day ride of the Cabot Trail? I really have no idea. Unfollower, if for some reason you are reading my blog& read this? Could you tell me why you left! I'm so curious. I've never unfollowed a blog (I don't know how)!

Oh well. It's bright& early and my hip hurts. So does my shoulder. I'm making some eggs .. enjoying a morning with a book .. then off to the barns to take Dewey on a trail ride + give a lesson to Hilly :) I hope your Monday goes awesomely.


Joyful Sparrow said...

Eh, don't worry, hon. The followers come and go. I love your blog and all your witty, slightly offensive ideas! Some people just can't take things like that. But I hope that won't change your posting style! Be you, 'cause we love YOU.

Cat said...

Aww...poor lost follower! I am happy to take their place :) Clever {yet mildly offensive} posts are right up my alley!

xx Cat brideblu said...

Aw bummer. Nice that you can track your followers tho.. feedburner insists I still have 0. I follow my own blog so shouldn't that be at least 1??

Yvonne said...

JS -no worries! I'm not changing my style! I love me ahaha

Cat -YAY! 34 once again AND someone who appreciates my posts!

Stopping -I think you MUST have more than 0 followers! I follow it :) So that's at least 2