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May 14, 2011

Easier to kidnap?!

This evening, Mom& I were talking about some of my old classmates. One of them who came up was I'M-TELLING-MY-GRANDPARENTS-ON-YOU, aka ITMGOY (obviously, not his name but rather his catch phrase). So then about 5 minutes ago, Mom told me she had something to show me. What was it? A hilarious status update from ITMGOY.

Hahahaha I really did laugh out loud when I read 'Plus you could probably get a fat kid into a van with cake.' He was weird as a kid but it seems like he turned out to have the exact same humor as my mother& I. So, then I had to decide what side of the divide I was on.

ARE fat kids easier or harder to kidnap?! ITMGOY thinks easier .. the T-shirt thinks harder. Decisions, decisions.

This whole thing just has me laughing. I found some energy hidden deep inside myself and made a quick comparison chart. Please excuse the lack of creativity, I'm tired!

So, after scanning over the chart .. I've decided if I had to pick, I would definitely agree with ITMGOY. Fat kids seem, in my mind, to require much less work to capture. Just thinking about kidnapping a skinny kid has me feeling exhausted.

So, what side of the fence are YOU on?!
Even better you agree with my momma when it comes to the issue?


Allison said...

oh my... i am laughing out loud again.... so funny.... so wrong... guess thats what makes it funny! xo

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny!

J Hodd said...

You missed a major con of kidnapping a fat kid... you would then be responsible for keeping him fed... probably an expensive endeavour. Maybe go for a skinny kid with asthma?