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June 19, 2011

Not againnn..

Lost another follower. Wow I must have written some pretty boring posts or something. Wah wah wahhhhhhh! Also I missed 2 whole days of posting ..I know my readers are generally very upset about that ;) So in honor of missing 2 days, I will know make it up to you with some pretty sweet photos and content.

So first off the boyfriend& I hit up the drive-in last night in his Jeep. It was actually the perfect drive-in vehicle. We took out the backseats& made a fort with blankets and pillows and curled up. We also brought along a lot of treats. Our theatre plays 2 movies a night but we had already seen the second movie (X-Men) so we only stayed for the first. We saw Mr. Popper's Penguins and it was fairly cute. Unfortunately a side effect of the movie is desperately wanting a penguin of your own.

Showing off how comfy we were!
Or pretending he was asleep so he didn't have to answer me about penguins.

It was great .. love the drive-in! Love treats. Love ice cream ..which I didn't have but am currently craving it. Instead I will eat some grapes or an apple. Such a good little foodie. Especially since I can't exercise for another day or 2. Ended up with stupid 'runner's toe'. Which basically means if I kept exercising my toenail would have gotten bloody and probably fallen off& also be a breeding ground for infection. So I figure I'll just let it heal like the internet suggests.

So aside from that nothing else too exciting is happening in my world. I have 3 photos from that photo challenge though! Hands, clouds and breakfast. Thoroughly enjoying having topics given to me. So much better than having to think of my own!

Aw. How sweet& romantic am I?
Not very in reality. But this is cute.
If you ignore how tan my boyfriend's hand is and how pasty mine is.

My backyard.
In the foggy rain.
AKA everyday on this island.

That's right, folks!
An empty bowl. I had no breakfast.

Well there we go! 4 new photos .. a quick update on my life .. and now I feel like I'm back in blogging business ;) Off to find something to do with this miserable day.


J Hodd said...

Is that ring from Garret?? Hmm??

Yvonne said...

2 things:
1. I'll never get a ring from Mr. Mullins ;)
2. It's from my parents. I just wear it on that finger to confuse people ;D jk ..sort of

hayley j said...

oh no sadness...on the loss of a follower. it happens to the best of us. but now i'm really wanting to see a drive in movie!

Yvonne said...

You should if you have a drive-in nearby :) It's amazing and so much fun!

Joyful Sparrow said...

I wish we had a drive-in around here. I'd love that! I like your hands photo - reminds me of how pasty I am next to my man too. ;-) Thank you for the tips on Quebec. If you have more, please send them my way! We are hoping to move there some day in the future. Happy Sunday, pretty one!

Yvonne said...

Glad I'm not the only pasty girlfriend floating around here ;)

I have so many Quebec tips .. I will write you a massive comment about that place soon! Promise :)