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August 26, 2011

Friday Snaps[4]

Still on the Friday Snaps train! I'm doing so well with these photo entries that I'm starting to feel really accomplished in my life. It's technically Friday now (12:24AM) so I'm debating about putting this post up now or scheduling it until the morning. Tough life decisions for sure in my world.

This weekend is going to be crazy busy but I promise some shots& stories! This evening is a birthday party for Garret's friend, Saturday is a wedding for Garret's friend& Sunday we're just driving until we find something worth stopping for. It should be really fun& leave us completely exhausted by Sunday evening! And also with a decent amount of photos to edit ..which is basically my favorite way to relax these days!

My snap for this week is a photo of those elusive Haflingers! Yes, finally, you guys will get to see a photo of what they look like. I figured I'd post a photo of my favorite, Poptart! Tomorrow I'll (hopefully) have riding photos of Marley. Crystal is the worst uploader ever. You're all very lucky she doesn't write this blog because it would never include photos!

Meet Poptart!
What do you think of him?

Also, I'm assuming that photo is 'bokeh' enough to count for the LEM challenge?
Come on people. I need to win this eventually ..right?! I contemplated entering a photo of Squirt for it ..his profile shot from this entry. With my luck, that one would have probably won because it's gorgeous but I hate, hate, hate reusing photos. Plus, I think Poptart is very handsome :) Now if only I could get close enough to get him all brushed& looking good! Oh well, until then enjoy the slightly grubby boy that he is :)

Also enjoy the weekend ..I may manage to get a post up but I would say my commenting will be limited after this evening. I have a feeling I'll be busy trying to look presentable for the events. Sort of super excited for Sunday so I can just wear some lulu lemon pants& an old t-shirt. Yup, it's a good thing my boyfriend doesn't date me for my fashion sense!


Ambika said...

Oh I liike Poptart, and this picture! Found you at LEM.

Barb said...

Poptart is gorgeous! great dof!

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Poptart is beautiful and I love his name!!!

Tara said...

Great shot, Poptart is beautiful and I love the compositon and bokeh! PS. You make me laugh

One said...

Poptart??? Sounds like a cross between pop corn and egg tart. Hug Poptart for me , please.

Yvonne said...

Haha thanks guys, I'll pass on the kind words to the bad little pony ;)

One- don't you guys have Poptarts where you're from? I've never tasted one but you put them in the toaster ahaha

Tara- glad I can make someone laugh!

eah42 said...

Beautiful horse, Poptart is! Looks like you have plenty of bokeh to me!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah Y. said...

OMG, Poptart is an amazing name! :D Our Halfies are named Felix and Baxter. It's so funny when they run in unison while trying to bite each other. ;P

Tiffany said... the name!


Danelle said...

Lovely! Nice lighting!

Yvonne said...

Thanks girls! I'm so glad the name Poptart is so well liked :D

Courtney said...

Poptart is beautiful! Love the perspective. Nice shot!