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August 04, 2011


Yup. That's the name of the day today. I bet you're all itching to know how I come up with such creative title for my blog posts, right?! It's a long& arduous process .. let me tell you!

What is good about this Thursday? Well .. my dad is home for 2 weeks which is always nice :) Dad doesn't have a blog so he doesn't get as much publicity as momma bear but I love him still. Do I think he should blog? Yes. Do I think everyone should blog? Yes.

Hey look!
It's myself& my faja.
I was so sunburnt it was insane.

Aside from that there isn't too much exciting stuff happening around this joint today. The weather sucks (which, I know, shocks all of you) but I think I'll try to convince my parents they need photos together while Dad is home so that I can practice portraits. What are parents for if not to tolerate their (albeit 24yr old) children, right?!

Mom& Dad getting the Mini.
This is my personal favorite photo of them!

Hopefully someone in my life will be compliant and let me take photos of them. The dog won't cooperate. The boyfriend won't cooperate. My brother won't cooperate. Geeze. I need someone around here who wants their photo taken.

Reena likes having her photo taken.
Come on people, take some lessons from the horse!

So, obviously I'll be spending my day eating Frosted Flakes& watching reruns until it's time to go to the barns. How do you plan on spending your Thursday? Hopefully it will be more thrilling than mine. Let's be honest- the only way it could be less thrilling? If you had to eat Bran Flakes instead.


Allison said...

love that photo too! i will be ur subject as long as u r not fussy!! xo

Sarah Y. said...

Now that my mom reads Rounder, she wants to start her own blag! I'm going to help her get started. :D

Yvonne said...

Mom- perfecto!
Sarah- awesome! Glad the blogging bug is catching on ahah :D

Anonymous said...

I might be compliant this weekend! Bubs

Allison said...

i do believe the anonymous poster is on his way for his fav meal!