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March 02, 2011

Sheen vs. Hodder

That's right, ladies and gents. My mother has made the claim that Charlie Sheen is leading a less crazy life than herself. She is jealous, outraged and perhaps even a little bitter about the attention, fame and fortune Sheen is receiving for his antics while she slaves away with little rewards. In an effort to help Mom feel vindicated, I am going to attempt, for the first time ever, some investigative journalism. I started out by googling Charlie Sheen (for the record, all information about him is coming to you straight from Wikipedia. Sue them if anything is wrong.) and thinking about my mother (I tried to find her Wikipedia page. Strangely absent. She may be onto something here, folks!). If nothing else, they both like to hit the bottle!

*Click on photo to make it larger. 

*Click on photo to make it larger. 

*Click on photo to make it larger. 

So, you will note, the main differences between my mother and Mr. Sheen?
1. Amount of time spent on a social network of some sort.
2. Amount of time spent inebriated.
3. Mr. Sheen is oftentimes dramatic while my mother is oftentimes productive.
4. My mother is funnier.
5. Mr. Sheen is famous and rich. My mom just has a blog.

Good effort though, Mom. I still love you :)


Allison said...

hey i find the scales tipped in sheen's favor......

Donna said...

Excellent job Yvonne! I would like to add a few similarities:

Shirts - Charlie
Shoes - Allison
Mental Illness - Charlie
Mental Health Worker - Allison

Your mom absolutely comes out on top!

Anonymous said...

How did you make these charts?

Yvonne said...

My whole post is brilliant and you want to know how I made the CHARTS?!
Holy moly. Photoshop is a good friend of mine .. you can also make them with HTML but I don't get along with HTML. If you do, you could try that!

J Hodd said...

FYI I didn't post a comment on this when I first read it, but I DID dream about it last night, so that should really make up for it!

Yvonne said...

Jessica .. that's awesome. And probably was an incredibly weird dream ahahah