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April 12, 2011


A question I find myself being asked constantly is 'How do you have such an amazing sense of style? You exude glamor and sex appeal.' Glamour. Ladies& gents, but especially ladies. People say confidence makes you beautiful. I say malarkey. What makes you beautiful? Glamour. Now, I know. Trying to match up to my glamour is daunting. Kim Kardashian frequently says she wishes she could rock what I rock.

The next Sport's Illustrated cover image? 
No. The world ain't ready for this much good loookin'

I am a spectacular specimen of the human race. I'd like to say it is ALL me .. but I tend to think that my family just has some of the most amazing genetics of all time. Following, I have included 3 photos of my VERY glamourous family. Basically we are an unstoppable force of awesome. Wherever we go, so does The Sartorialist. It's true ..he wishes he could feature us constantly. Always a step ahead in the fashion world.

My brother. You just wait until spring. 
It's a hat AND a drink dispenser.

Testing out fashions for 2011. 
You never know when inspiration will strike.

Make your eyes look bigger& your nose look smaller. 
Perfect for high fashion wannabes.

So, at this point you're thinking to yourself 'I am playing an impossible game. She's not even glamourous on her own, she's GENETICALLY PREDISPOSED to be this awesome. I'm doomed.'
Fear not, fashionista-in-training. I am here. I will hold your hand through the streets of fashion and lead you to your own style. I'm now going to include some no-fail trends of spring/summer 2011. Now, I have excluded the brilliant designers names from these pieces. 'WHY?!', you demand. I will lead you to the door of style brilliance, but it is up to you to find your way from there. Plus, you can't afford this. So, here are my most coveted items.

*From Regretsy
God forbid I ever forget to link again. 
Because my blog gets SO much traffic.

These beauties are called 'skants'. A fabulous mix between skirt& pants. You know, for those times when your hooha  just needs a little fresh air but your legs are cold?! Well. Worry no more because these beasts are SMOKING. I'm talking allll over the runways everywhere. You get these bad boys and you will have one of THE hot ticket items for this season. Keep is classy. How can you make this work for you? Include some elements from your own personal style. Think of flowing tops or great necklaces. Keep the shoes simple, you don't really want to detract from the awesome lower half.

You know all those times you think 'I'd be SO MUCH less inconvenienced by this scarf if it was a sleeve. That way I could look hip AND choke myself at the same time.' Well, ladies& gentlemen your answer has come to you. It's unisex. It can match anything. It's easy to make. I'm not seeing anything about this that doesn't scream 'amazingly fashionable'!! I would snap one of these up off the racks before it's too late! Now, you're thinking 'But how will I make this work for ME?'. Easy. It's spring wear it with a cute skirt. Or, perhaps a pair of SKANTS?!

I have saved the best for last. This is a dedicated lady. Look at those gem sweaters! Nothing says personal style like rocking a one-of-a-kind awesome glitter shirt. Her personal style& personality SHINES in these photos. Even if you can't afford her shirts, you can certainly take some cues from her style. Let's start with that hair. Anyone can rock that. Those semi-invisible glasses? Please. Such a DO this summer. And lastly, the pleather tan pants. I'm going to try to get this woman to guest blog for me. Her style might be the one style on earth that is ahead of mine!

Here is a perfect example of all the styles combined into a perfect everyday casual style. Can't you see yourself going to pick up the kids, get groceries, ooze sex appeal at every stop sign& red light?!

So yes, ladies and gents. You too can be as glamourous as my family& I. Even if you aren't naturally as gifted at putting together looks. It just takes a little practice& confidence to pull it all off. Have a fabulous Tuesday :)

*Editor's Note:
I actually had to reactivate facebook 
for some of these photos. 
Y'all better appreciate.


Meghan said...

I am DYING! Why have I never heard of skants before? Alas, you have saved these beauties all for yourself. I understand. If I was from such finesse, I would too.

J Hodd said...

I'm dying too... this was hilarious to read

Jaimie said...

Did you see this?

Yvonne said...

Oh my god ahahaha she's brilliant! I'm emailing her. Thanks for that, Jaimie :D

Anonymous said...

Skants came from

Yvonne did not. She wasn't even kind enough to leave a link.

You will never be as funny as April. Give up now, you just don't have it.

Yvonne said...

Oops .. you are actually right. There is no link there. Clearly, I didn't steal it from April. Nor am I trying to be like her. I just thought it was a hilarious thing to ever make.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne said...

Seriously one of the most brilliant pieces of work I've ever seen. I'm in awe.

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