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April 13, 2011


I didn't have any idea this word even existed for a long time. Then I joined facebook many moons ago& every so often there would be a sweep of 'beautiful people other people think I look like. Making me a beautiful person. So suck it' and there would inevitably be funny ones .. ridiculous ones .. and actually scary-accurate ones.

You'll be excited to hear that I have never partaken in those profile changing games. Not for anything. My photo firmly remained a photo of myself, including various props (people, animals, nature, etc). What's the point of having a display photo if it isn't of you? Oh well. That's another post. This is about Doppelgänger day. Everyone is so excited to have a famous doppelgänger. Why? It's not a good thing.
A tangible double of a living person in fiction, folklore, and popular culture that typically represents evil. In the vernacular, the word doppelgänger has come to refer (as in German "doppelt(e)") to any double or look-alike of a person.

So basically, before facebook? A doppelgänger was an evil double. And we ALL know the celebrity would be the good one. So you are essentially advertising the fact that you're someone's evil twin. Good job on being discreet. Plus, we all have someone we look like. They are our family& chances are good that at some point throughout our lives, we looked like someone in our family in that point in their lives. So no, it doesn't count if you look like your mother. It does, however, count if you're my father& my professor.

Also, the ever important question ..which one is the evil twin? I really am on the fence. On the one hand, Bernie has never yelled at me. On the other, he's also never given me a car. Dad has never given me homework, but he's also never given me a university credit. I'm going to say it depends on my mood.

So, I have never participated in doppelgänger week. Now that I don't have facebook though, I have decided to declare Doppelgänger Day on my blog. Who do you look like? Who do you wish you looked like? Or, like me, are you stuck in the land of 'I'm too unique for a doppelgänger. Bitch please'?

There was one time I will tell you about. When I was a baby, I looked like Drew Barrymore. Seriously. Everyone notices it. Even my boyfriend.. who thinks Drew Barrymore is really ugly. Basically he's telling me I was an ugly child. I think she's beautiful though.

Seeing as I was sweet& Drew was in rehab, I would say she would be the evil twin in our younger years. She also was a recovered addict by age 13 ..who else can say that?! I love her. Now we look nothing alike, which I find sad. Maybe I'll dye my hair blond and relive my glory days of having an evil twin?! Although, I think at this point I'd be the evil (or least less rich& successful) one. Here is an adult comparison ..what do you think?

Also, I totally have better eyebrows than her! I'm also incredibly tanned when comparing skin tones. Brilliant! Two points for me. So, with all that said and shown (can I just say none of this would be possible without my true love -photoshop!), who is YOUR doppelgänger? Want your very own awesome comparison chart for the next time doppelgängers attack facebook display photos?! Just let me know. I'm your woman.

Oh, also .. I haven't forgotten about 365. I have my 3 days worth of photos. I'll probably post them tonight when I'm once again not studying for Occupational Hygiene :) Stay posted!


Allison said...

love it!! but truly find you and drew look more alike than dad and bernie.... go blonde and check it out......

Yvonne said...

Certainly contemplating it Momma! Maybe I'll make a hair appointment tomorrow and try out a new look?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yvonne, now I am going to spend hours on the internet looking for my doppelganger instead of studying! :P

J Hodd said...

I've never seen anyone who looks like me... but a lot of people ask me if I have siblings or if I am related to so-and-so because we look so much alike. Now that I'm thinking about it... there actually is one girl that I know of who does look kind of like me... she went to high school with Chris... I'll see if I can find a photo!

J Hodd said...!/photo.php?fbid=98775353634&set=a.423435188634.196459.510193634&type=1&theater

The girl on the right is my doppelganger... particularly before I dyed my hair.

Yvonne said...

She does look you a lot Jess!

Margo said...

I agree that Drew Barrymore is unattractive, but that is mostly because of how she carries herself and behaves. I can't think of any movies at all I like her in, other than E.T.

Anonymous said...