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April 11, 2011

Frizz Ease

There was a time when I always wore my hair straight. Even if it was going up in a ponytail, it was straight. It just didn't matter. When I was in a rush& left my hair curly, it went up in a bun to hide it. I remember one time at the pool, I was guarding and had to jump in to get someone. Then I had to stay on the deck for 7 more hours. This was one of the panic moments where people were going to see my curls. I ALWAYS had a hair elastic around my wrist ..except that day. I remember it so clearly. Horror of horrors. My secret was going to be exposed. And it was a secret. Most people thought I had wavy hair, but when I started showing the curls, people were shocked there was so much.

Typical hair look from my younger days. 
Seeing this photo, I miss it a little bit. Sad but true.

So, now it's my mission to love my curls& help other people love theirs. And by 'mission' I mean on occasion when I'm not too lazy to explain. 3 years ago, my mother& I started a long suffering journey to loving our hair. It started when I went to Cuba, I was forced to rock the curls. It was hard .. some days we wanted to give up .. there were many a bad haircuts .. one rude hairdresser who reminded that me that my cold sore was gross (thanks for that, by the way) ..various other things. Through all that, we trudged.

I love this photo! Plus it marks the start of curl love :)

Now we love our hair. We found a great hairdresser .. Mom got her hair cut at the DevaChan salon in New York! She met Lorraine Massey and had a wonderful time. I didn't. But hey, my hair is still great :) There was certainly an evolution of curls& people are generally shocked when I tell them I haven't shampooed my hair in three years! There is a reason though, us curly girls don't need it (well, no one does. It's especially hard on our hair though!), as long as we follow a few easy rules.

My boyfriend even has curls! Isn't he handsome with them?!

So, what has sparked my post of curly love? Well, the title of course. I get SO sick of advertisements that tell me the only way to have socially accepted hair is to straighten it. No way! It took me 21 years to learn to love my curls, let's raise up a generation that just accepts themselves. You are pretty / handsome / clever / etc :) Embrace yourself, ladies& gents. You don't want to depend on someone else to validate you! Frizz Ease .. you let me down. Curls ARE NOT inherently frizzy. Sure, they can be. Properly loved curls, however, are not.

Can you see the frizz?! And I only use ONE product!

So, moral of the story? My hair is curly so I rock it. I will also mention that straight hair is also fantastic if that's what your DNA wants you to have! I mention this only so it doesn't seem like I'm setting back women hundreds of years by including ONLY curls. I'm covering all my bases from here on out. Keep it real, ladies& gents :)


Joyful Sparrow said...

I adore your curls, and very much wish I had them! My hair refuses to hold a curl for more than 2 hours.

We crazy humans, always wishing for what we don't have.

Margo said...

I love your curls, too! I have often been jealous of curly hair. The grass is always greener, I suppose.

I have to admit, though, that hair is most attractive when it is both (a) curly and (b) red!