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April 11, 2011

Quick post!

Just watching the Lakers game (keep your fingers crossed) while laying here with lots of medicine in my body+ heat-in-a-click! So so good. Garret came over& we went for a tea, which was delightful. Roll up the Rim is winding down& we may have gotten our last chances to win tonight. We both lost. Sucks to be us. Oh well .. then we went to the beach& enjoyed the view. I love the beach. Then his Jeep was making a funny noise but it wasn't broken, so that was good!

Now I'm home& cold. And incredibly sore. Once this game is over I'll be heading downstairs with my puppers to curl up in bed& enjoy sleep. Until then, I'm watching the Lakers in a close game& decided I'd put up my photos for the day from today (technically yesterday) and Saturday! They are awesome. I think ..I can't exactly remember what they are. I'm incredibly tired. Super sore shoulders leads to super bad sleeping on top of my already poor sleeping habits. So, here are my photos:

Pretty roses, love Karli!



Shay said...

Beautiful pictures! Gah I love the Lakers!!! I wish they showed the games here in my part of the world! Boo

Yvonne said...

Thanks :) And oh myy ..I couldn't go without watching a least a game a week. I hoe you at least get the Playoffs!

Bree said...

I hardly ever win on Roll up the Rim. Booo. Pretty sure they're all out of cups around me. Until next year...

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