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April 10, 2011

Dear Woman,

You are great. Apparently, I'm the greatest though because my one post on breastfeeding has set us back hundreds of years! And people wonder why I think I'm so spectacular's obvious. I have more power in my blog than any of you do ;)

So, discovering I hold lots of blogging power has led me to wonder what else I can change in the world. I wanted a great topic to follow to my boobie topic, but I was drawing blanks. Apparently being great doesn't mean you always have blog material. Also, writing about yourself is A LOT easier than writing about other things. Thinking up topics is slightly tiring, if I do say so myself. In an effort to try to help me out, I enlisted google& youtube. The result? Neither had anything of substance. So I resorted to going outside and enjoying the sunshine. Cold be damned. Here is my photo story :)

So, Mom points out that it is either smoky or foggy at all the beaches. I concur. We note this is strange. She leaves for groceries and I decide to give up on the blog& take the dog for a walk. Off we head to the Black Track. Here is the tree from my spooky shot from 365. It's less spooky in the foggy daylight.

PS all that foggy stuff is either fog or smoke. I'm still not sure which. So, we walked down& onto the Black Track. I felt like I was in a movie. There was little wisps of fog rolling across the ground. It was so neat to see. So of course, I took some photos. Here is one to show you how neat it was :)

See how cool that is? So then, the dog decided he wanted to go to the back beach. So off we went. Bye bye, black track. I love you& can't wait until you are filled with flowers for my photography! Until then, I will content myself with some berries that are trying to survive despite the crappy weather on the island. It was the lone berry on that plant actually looking like it might make it.

So, after stopping for a quick photo of the berry, we headed towards the beach. We crossed the pond and only got mildly wet. Why I love crossing through the pond, despite the gross marshy land, I will never know. My dog loves it too! So, here is a shot of the pond+ the beach. All the stuff that is fog/smoke should be water. So that will show you just how thick it was!

Mmmm marshy water. That my dog drank. And tripped into. Go Squirt. You really need to work on using those back legs better little man! So, we continued on our way, making it through the marshy land. My socks stayed dry& I stayed happy. When we got to the beach, it was such a neat sight to see all the fog/smoke rolling in! So, seeing as this was a photo op, I stopped& took another photo. I also unhooked the dog so he could roam. He's only allowed off leash at the beaches, so he was super excited.

Pretty, eh? I will admit that though I do HATE our weather 10 out of 12 months, my family has one of the most spectacular backyards ever. I really can't imagine wanting to give that up. Now, I mentioned that I let the dog go to explore. What did he find? An woman& man also taking in the sights of the fog/smoke. They were older and so sweet. They asked about my dog and said it was nice I had a hobby (photography). Then, we parted ways. Except I turned around and creepily took a photo of the woman. For your creeping pleasure, here is my piece titled 'Senior in the Fog':

Not my best work, but not bad for a quickly snapped creeper shot of a woman I had only spoken to for 2 minutes& she had no idea I took it. Ahh .. creeping. You complete me. So, the dog& I carried on ..we walked up the beach and onto the grassy path we spend a lot of time in. It's one of my most favorite spots in the world. It's so nice to lay in grass (or ..dry dirt at this time of year) and be surrounded by the ocean! We met a nice guy on a dirtbike .. he liked my dog. I didn't get a photo of them but Squirt crawled right up on him. I missed that photo op because I was getting a photo of a seagull.

Sweet seagull. So then we continued on our way to my favorite spot. Upon reaching our destination, I promptly sat my arse on the ground and stayed there. What did I do while on the ground? First, I soaked up some rays from sun. It wasn't warm, but the Vitamin D was nice either way. Then I saw the moon. I kid you not. It was just chillin' above the ocean& opposite the sun. PS I know this happens all the time, I was still really excited. So excited, in fact, that I took a photo!

Ahh.. le lune. C'est magnifique, non? Alors, apres ca ..jk. After the moon experience, my dog was running around burning off all his winter energy. He loves when it gets nice enough out that Momma will take him for walks. I know, that makes me a bad mom. I should always walk him, regardless of weather. Sorry puppy. I got some awesome shots of the pupster, I will not show them all to you. This post is already really long& most people have probably stopped reading& moved on to just looking at the photos. Which is okay too :)

My dog is the sweetest dog in all of Cape Breton. Also that photo is a gem .. something so cute about puppy tongues! So, by this point my fingers were going numb& Squirt was anxious to get back home. So, we started our trek back. I turned the camera off, only to have to turn it right back on one last time! I saw a crow. Wow ..seagulls& crows, I am amazing at capturing rare animals on film. He was flying away from the pond. Here's my end shot. I hope you enjoyed my photo story post!


Joyful Sparrow said...

That pup is waay too cute.

J Hodd said...

LOVE the photo of the fog on the path. It's now my desktop background.

PS - I'm am highly offended by whoever commented on your breastfeeding post. I told them so... I hope he/she comes back to read it.

Allison said...

cute puppy pic!! xo