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April 09, 2011

The wonder seed

Flax seed pancakes
Yum. I know that is the first word that came into your mind when you read that title, right? Well. Flax is wonderful. If you boil it, it will make hair gel! If you eat it, it will be healthy for you. Now, how do you eat it? Certainly not by the spoonful ..we are required to find creative ways to eat them. Or at least, I am. I'm the pickiest eater ever. It took me years to find a yogurt I could eat without gagging. I'm all about food textures. So, I bought some flax seeds yesterday from the organic section. This morning, I added them to my pancakes! They added NO taste and only a little texture change when you were holding them. None when you were eating them. This is excellent because I like eating healthy but hate trying to find the foods that are healthy that I like. So, people who have had their interest peaked by my love of the flax seed, here is a delightful& easy to understand chart!

Look how great that is! Especially for someone like me, who would never get her Omega-3&6 fatty acids otherwise. YAY for strides towards healthier food choices. I find it really hard to eat healthy when I'm not exercising. When I am exercising, it comes easily because I don't want to undue all my hard work in the gym. Thanks to incredibly bad pain in my shoulders, exercise is on the shelf for an undetermined length of time. It is really frustrating but I am focusing on still eating so I don't start from scratch again when I go back. Anyone else dealing with injuries preventing them from fun?!

Aside from that, here are my photos of the day for the last 2 days! I don't have one for today yet, sorry :(

Canadian Tire money ..oh joy! Maybe I can buy a wrench :D

My mom got new hair.. isn't she pretttty?!

Enjoy your first day of the weekend, boys& girls :)

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