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April 08, 2011

It's all in the details..

Except for those times when it's not. Today, I was casually reading blogs& avoiding studying for my QPM tomorrow when I came across something interesting. This blog is all about facebook. She is giving it up for 90 days. Day 32 involved a post about breastfeeding& facebook. So, now I will tell you my thoughts on this.

I haven't had facebook since January 1st (aside from 48hrs of reactivation). I have ALWAYS thought people were way too quick to divulge too much information on the internet. Facebook was a convenient way for me to see how much my immediate friends / family / people I barely knew would divulge. Based on their facebook behavior, I deleted / limited my interactions with them accordingly. It's funny ..when I reactivated my account, all kinds of 'friends' popped up who I had totally forgotten about while I didn't have an account. And I only have 120 people on my list.

So, oversharing. What is it exactly? Thankfully, for moments like this, we have Urban Dictionary. They state:
Providing more personal information than is absolutely necessary.

Ahh and how glorious of a skill that is. Some people overshare like it's their job. I don't like those people. So, how does any of this relate to the blogger who gave up her facebook for 90 days? Well. She posted a link to Hey Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! (Official petition to Facebook). Click it and it will take you there. Oh my god. That is a lot of breasts.

Breastfeeding is great if that's what you want to do. So this isn't against that. But seriously. SERIOUSLY. Do people actually think it's supremely important that they are able to upload their photos of children hanging off their teets?! Sweet mother of pearl. Perhaps it's a glorious bonding moment (never being an all-you-can-eat buffet personally, I have no idea), perhaps it's the single most tender moment you share with your infant (or almost 4yr old, in the case of some parents on that group `insert face with strange look here`). I don't really care WHAT kind of awesome significance it has for you.

I have the bladder of a 2yr old. Lots of times, when I finally get to pee, it's a glorious moment for me. It involves rainbows and unicorns. It is so amazing. Seriously. Other people with small bladders MUST know this feeling?! Well. Does that mean people need a photo of me peeing on facebook? Please, please, please. Tell me you know the answer to this question?


Ahh ..if you answered 'yes', go join that group and stop reading my blog. For life. If you answered 'no', you are correct. There are lots of moments in life that are glorious, amazing, tender and fantastic. Peeing is mine. Having babies drink from boobies is theirs. Either way, it really doesn't need to be on facebook. Let's be real. When I'm peeing, my last thought is 'Gee, I should share this glorious moment in time with my readers! Honey, come here and snap a quick photo, would you?!' This is why I'm confused that so many women have so many photos of themselves in this act. Yes, it's natural. It's even fantastic and healthy for the baby. So is peeing. See? Completely analogous. If it is inappropriate for me to post photos of myself peeing on the internet (and let's make sure we're clear, IT IS), then it is inappropriate for you to post photos of your child drinking from your boob. The only appropriate facebook photo for breastfeeding I have found so far?

No need to drag your boobs onto facebook. Plus, imagine how damaged that child will be in 10yrs when they find those photos of themselves. Now, times that by fifty million when you mention that you had it up on a facebook protest group. Yeah.

If you can't stop oversharing for a random blogger, do it for the children.
Also, for people who came here for more than a rant on breasts& babies, my apologies. My blog will be updated later this evening and it will return to normal. AKA all about me. Thanks for your patience ;)

This was his reaction to being jolted by 120+ volts of electricity. Your child's reaction to millions of people seeing them attached to your breast? Significantly stronger.


Anonymous said...

I knew there was reason to reading your blog and this post was it. Thank you.
Your faithfully.

Jacque said...

Funny post. I gave up facebook for Lent and I have to say I'm happy to be away from it. It's too gossipy, too much info being put out there. I know all kinds of stuff about people I'm really not "friends" with.

Allison said...

Anonymous said...

It must be wonderful to be so full of yourself that you feel the need to dictate what others should and should not do online or on FB :D
Seeing as that having a blog and sharing your personal opinions with the world can also be seen as over sharing, I find this highly amusing.
The only kids who grow up to be freaked out by the fact that they were BF or that their are pics of them doing it , are the ones whos parents raise them to think breast are simply for selling beer. Thanks for setting women back a few hundred years with this sexist tripe. Ugh.

Anna said...

Oh don''t be silly. A blogger can just as easily over share as someone on facebook. Hence the statement about her posting photos of herself peeing. Not exactly news that you can over share in any aspect of your life.

Yvonne said...

I will tackle your post in section, Anonymous #2.

1. I am not full of myself at all. I do, however, think I'm fabulous.

2. As Anna said, I do not partake in things I deem socially inappropriate to share on the internet. So, if you think my little blog equates to oversharing, you must really think exposing your breasts do asll.

3. My mother never taught me that boobs were for selling beer. She's insulted. She just taught me not EVERYTHING we do needs to be documented in detail.

4. Sexist tripe? I don't get it. I think breastfeeding is an awesome thing ..I really, really do. I think all kinds of things are awesome that we do not need to document publicly.

Allison said...

wow...powerful blog you got here... you single handedly set women back 100 yrs!!! go you!!
hope i can still vote???
next you should tackle world peace...hmm

Allison said...

sorry...that was a few hundred yrs!!

Yvonne said...

What can I say ..I'm the new Jesus :D Or government .. or something. Something really powerful.

Gee.. and people wonder why I'm full of myself. You would be too if you were THIS awesome!!

Jessica H. said...

Let me just say that as someone who works at a Women's Centre and has developed a program on Feminism 101, I've done a fair bit of research on women's movements. This blog post has come no where near to setting women back in any way... if you think this is bad maybe you should look a little closer into what the entire Harper government has been up to in regard to women and their rights. If you'd like me to educate you a little further, Anonymous #2, feel free to email me at

Anonymous said...

First of all, I do not think it is obscene, but there is a time and place for breastfeeding. I think it is utterly inappropriate for a child over the age of 2 years of age to be breastfed. Give me a break. For comfort? Cuddle the child, giving him/her the boob over that age to me is inappropriate. As for BF in public. Keep your infant and kid out of a pub. They do not belong in an adult atmosphere. When I am dining with friends I do not want ur children running around and ruining my evening with their scream/crying. If you can afford a night out you can afford a babysitter - invest in one - hire a local teenager or get swap with other local mommies. LEAVE BABY AT HOME. As far as other patrons staring at you for BF and you say look away - if I'm talking to my BF and unfortunately facing a BF mom. I ain't gonna turn away. It is up to you to DISCRETELY feed baby if you must bring him/her to a restaurant/pub. There are plenty of child-friendly eating places that you can bring your kids and enjoy an evening (no I'm not talking fast food either. Kelseys or Jack Astors are appropriate NOT a local English Pub)

Anonymous said...

Jessica H, don't get me started on Harper. Sometimes I literally feel like sitting down and crying :)
But yes, women, telling other women what they should do and not do with their breasts (if a woman feels like walking around topless in Ontario all day long, who am I to tell her what to do with her body) DOES set women back, the problem is we have come to accept that ''women's breasts are obscene and mens are not'' as the norm, so much so that we don't even realize how sexist it REALLY is.
Luckily, the law says women can BF wherever they like, so it doesn't really matter what non breeders like this blogger thinks :) Comparing breastfeeding moms to an all you an eat buffet ? This just goes to show the level of maturity of this woman. She should go back to raising her dog and leave real parents alone.
I just found the hypocrisy funny (it's not ok to share things SHE doesn't like on FB, but she can go ahead and share whatever she likes publicly ;)

Anonymous said...

one more thing, attitudes like yours Jessica, are damaging, you are basically saying that I should be ok with what this woman is saying simply because there are worse things out there ?
So because Harper is setting us back even MORE, it means I should nod and smile and not mention that I think this woman is also sexist (without even realizing it, which is even worse)
Does that mean when someone pick pockets someone they should just be happy and relived that they weren't mugged at gun point, maybe they should even thank the pick pocketer ?
Do you see the point I am trying to make ? Just because there are ''more sexist'' things out there in the world, doesn't make what this idiot is saying ok in my book.
Feminism 101 doesn't make anyone an expert. Perhaps I should educate you on the subtle intricacies of feminism and the many forms sexism can take.

Yvonne said...

Can I just say that I think dividing women into 2 groups - non-breeders& breeders is WAY more sexist than saying women can breastfeed& that's great, but do we really need to post it on facebook. I'm shocked you would come here talking about equality for all then divide women into breeders / non-breeders. Good job.
Oh, calling women an all-you-can-eat buffet? Was a joke. I know, I know. It's an ICREDIBLY hard concept to grasp.

PS I wrote a blog post on a blog that gets about 90 hits a day. It's not like the government is going to ban breastfeeding photos on facebook. Don't get your panties in a knot.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to join in the game, since you think women are also two groups, buffets and non buffets :D
I just like arguing when people make blatant hypocritical statements on silly blogs (this was posted to the FB group in question , that is how I found it , I'm not in the habit of reading blogs about people's personal lives (which in general, are too much info also, why share all that with strangers ? No different from sharing too much on FB. :)
Your ''jokes'' coupled with your clear disdain for public BFing (or at least pictures of it) clearly is in bad taste. You're just not all that funny.

Yvonne said...

Buffets& non buffets ..true. Only breastfeeding women can provide food from their bodies. Assuming, you know, we aren't cooking up ladies.

It wasn't hypocritical at all. If you started a silly little blog, then it's your prerogative to post breastfeeding photos on it :) PS speaking of morons, did you happen to notice a dog posted it on facebook? A dog named Squirt ..who happens to be IN my blog ..because I control his account.

So, thanks for the page views, moron. I might not be funny but at least I'm smart!

Anonymous said...

You are ridiculous, what a way to get attention, I know Cape Breton is tiny (my family is from there) but have you really nothing better to do!
My MIL's dogs name is squirt. I stand by what I say, you are a moron, not I realize that you must be a very BORED moron who needs readers!

Yvonne said...

No, just find you funny! Heard a blog controversy was a good way to get readers& posts ..whether or not you agree, you've certainly aided the cause ;)

Seriously though, no need to get all upset. I probably know your family LOL. PS this is the internet. It doesn't matter how big where I live is can read it from anywhere! Not really bored either, it's just I don't sleep well& am tied up with a bum shoulder!

Yvonne said...

PS it's cute that your mother-in-law has the same puppy dog name! Is it a tiny little dog she owns as well? And is it possible [s]he is even half as cute as mine?!

Anonymous said...

Actually, things like this don't really bother me anymore, but I also have been under the weather and it has been a loooong time since I have argued with the anti-female booby in public brigade and I was bored. Then it rained all day, so I was needed to be entertained.

Squirt, our Squirt, was cute, but sick, she got put down recently :( She was tiny, lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh, AND my husbands site, which isn't even a blog but an entertainment site, got hundreds of more hits the day he posted a rant on his front page that pissed off a lot of people (he didn't even do it on purpose) , so yes, your theory works. (we made way more money that day then the whole month combined !!!!!)

Anonymous said...

This whole comment section just made me laugh. I, as well, am a "non-breeder" lollollollol.

Sue said...

Blogger=Lonely friendless person

Which I imagine you are. But I'm sure you will tell me you are wonderful and totally awesome, and stunningly sexy and beautiful.

I however, think you are scum.

I couldn't care what you think about breastfeeding, it's your delivery of your feelings that makes me loathe you immediatly. You are certainly someone that deserves to be a lonely blogger.

Hope you have enough money saved so that you can pay a stranger to care for you should you become sick, or when you become old. FWIW, strangers won't love you, not one ounce... so I hope when you are 90 that you are left to fester in your diaper of shit and piss and you cry because you are a lonely dried up worthless person... At least you had your own blog on the internet though. Good job, blogging sure is hard work.

Anonymous said...

I find your take on breastfeeding to be somewhat ignorant. Perhaps, if you had ever breastfed, you might understand where these nursing moms are coming from. For the entire scope of human history minus the past 50-100 years, the primary purpose of breasts has been to nourish children. Breasts were not seen as sexual or inappropriate until formula became a popular option. Then suddenly, breasts were sexualized and breastfeeding was demonized as something taboo, shameful, or inappropriate. That is ridiculous. Given that breastfeeding is beneficial for both moms and infants and is literally better than formula in every way (it's healthier, lowers risks for diseases, increases IQ, and hey, it's free) I want to do anything and everything I can to encourage other moms to breastfeed. That includes normalizing breastfeeding and the way to do that is to make it visible. So yes, I do in fact have multiple pictures of my baby breastfeeding on facebook. I also, gasp, breastfeed in public without a nursing cover or blanket. I do NOT flash my breasts around and anyone looking at me while nursing will see significantly less breast than in any Victoria's Secret ad. Get over yourself, get over your hang-ups, and don't discourage moms from breastfeeding or from sharing their excitement.

Yvonne said...

Oh replying is such hard work. But alas, I will attempt again to get my view across.

I am not lonely or friendless and I think it's so sad you think of all bloggers that way. Or that that is how you characterize someone you have a disagreement with. I would tell you I was fabulous, but not stunningly sexy or beautiful. I think what we are as people is simply completely different from how we are viewed by people who judge us solely on our looks. Look at you, setting back hundreds of women by saying ugly girls don't have friends. SHAME ON YOU!

Why the hate? My post has humor in it ..sure, some people don't get my humor. I don't really care. My advice to you would be to behave more like an adult and perhaps people will begin to treat you like one. Moron.

Yvonne said...

I'm all for breastfeeding in public ..please, point out where in my blog I said you shouldn't? I just don't agree with the photos and I certainly think it's facebook's prerogative to take them off if they show nipple& showing nipple is against policy. It's their site. Amazing how that works.

PS since everyone keeps missing it:
Yes, it's natural. It's even fantastic and healthy for the baby.

AMP said...

Wow, you're an idiot.

Yvonne said...

Well that's certainly subjective.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the shout-out about my blog!

Anonymous said...

Yvonne, you rock. These self-righteous bitches don't have any sense of humor, and seriously need some remedial reading comprehension classes. You are pro-breast feeding, but anti-posting pics of babies on the teet. TOTALLY WITH YOU SISTA FRIEND!

And to the bitch who said all sorts of horrible things about you... yeah. Lady, you may post your tits all over the internet as some sort of righteous moral protest, but you're a shitty role model for your precious little snowflake if you treat other people like that.

Yvonne said...

HAHAHAHA Anonymous ..I love you. Your comment about a precious little snowflake had me keeling over from laughter.

Thank you for actually UNDERSTANDING the post!

J Hodd said...

Don't worry Yvonne, I'll take care of you when you're old and sick and have no strangers to love you LOL. These people are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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