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April 07, 2011

On the agenda..

Lots& lots to talk about. What a busy day I had yesterday. I will break them down into their own little segments. There will not, however, be as many photos as my posts have had lately. Sorry about that!

Harlem Globetrotters
Yes. These awesome folks are coming to Centre 200. I am so freaking excited. I am purchasing tickets for the boyfriend& myself later today. I don't even care if he isn't excited. I'm taking my camera& getting some sweet shots. I loved them the last time I saw them and he has NEVER seen them before! This is a travesty that we have to correct immediately. My excitement over this is almost making me forget about just how very sucky our weather is. Almost. So, needless to say I'm so excited for this!

I played photographer again yesterday& snapped some shots of Karli being a graduate! She even brought roses. Laughing& good times were had by all. We had NO idea how to put on the grad gown ...I'm really hoping we figured it out in the end though! She was a trooper and we got some neat shots. We even managed shots at the beach, where it was super windy, bight and cold. I think she liked them, she made of them her facebook profile photo, which I always find a good sign! Thank you Photoshop, for making it look like I know what I'm doing with my camera :) And thank you Karli, fpr the roses. Mom& I plan on keeping them along as live as possible. Approximately 3 - 5 days :)

Ice cream
Mmm .. my favorite treat. Although I have been eating it so much lately, it's less of a treat& more of a dietary staple. Oops. I promise to cut back. It's just all of a sudden, Lick-A-Treat& Tasty Treat are open for business. And I'm one happy customer. I don't care that the prices are high, that I need to wear mittens to hold my ice cream or that I eat while the seat warmers are on. I'M EATING ICE CREAM. And I don't care WHAT the weather man says. It was delicious. We even got tea& coffee afterward to warm us back up. So good.. minus the part where I had to pee. so. bad. Then we watched American Idol& my boyfriend got frustrated with how much I talk during it. So I made him leave. Hahaha I'm kidding ..sort of. I really did make him leave before the Lakers game. They lost again. What a disappointing 3 games for them. Hopefully they pull it together& win the whole year.

Photo of the Day
I don't have it yet. Check back later / tomorrow. I promise to have it then .. maybe. I would also love to promise that it will be great, but it probably will be just average. Hey, at least I'm consistent. Consistency is the key to being awesome. Right? Oh well, I did one up on the photo of the day. Keep reading and you'll be laughing ..hopefully!

So. My dog is the funniest / sweetest dog in the whole wide world. When we were leaving the beach, I yelled for him to come join us. We see him galloping towards us with something in his mouth. Uncertain, I take out my camera and snap a few shots. Brilliant. It's a Pepsi cup and he is SO proud of it. You could see the excitement on his face. I wish I had of had a video recorder. I did the next best thing. I put them in iMovie for the Mac and added a song and a comic book feel. Then I uploaded it to youtube. Between that and this blog, I've never been more certain in my life of my future. Here is what I'm envisioning:
1. Ellen invites myself& my dog on her show. We rock it.
2. Pepsi makes Squirt their new spokesperson. He rocks it.
3. I get a book deal from that& the blog. I rock it.

Yeah. So, for your viewing pleasure .. here is the first view of Pepsi's new commercial. I hope you love it as much as I do. Squirt is such a celebrity.


Joyful Sparrow said...

I wish Ellen would invite me and my dogs on her show too. Love Ellen!

Meghan F. said...

Ooh these photos are pretty... you are a photo superstar

J Hodd said...

Haha that's cute... the cup is practically the same size as Squirt!