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April 07, 2011

Contest Winner

So, time for my blog post filled with details about Tiffy! Today was her lucky day .. she got her prizes, a lunch date with me& it was even nice out. Or, at least as nice as it gets in the Cape this time of year! So, here is a breakdown of everything we accomplished in an hour :)

So, we started out with a trip to a little coffee shop callled Mandy Jays! We both had ham& swiss paninis. They were delicious. It was a super cute little place.. If you ever find yourself on the Northside one morning, be sure to check it out! Here's the end result of our interview& lunch!

Alrighty, now .. onto the interview. You may note that Tiff& I discussed how this was going to work. I'm taking the rough idea of what she said& hoping to get most of it right. I'll include a photo of the notes I took to show why getting everything right may present a major challenge.

Onto the parts of the conversation I could scrap up from that pathetic attempt at 'note taking':

Yvonne: So Tiffy, can you tell me what some of your favorite hobbies are?
Tiff: The only ttwo things that my life consists of are drinking coffee in my car& working out. I like movies also.

Y: That's awesome! You sound a lot like me, only I drink tea. So, if you could be any animal at all, what would you pick?
T: Well, this one time I read an email about bears. You can probably find it online. It basically says that bears gorge themselves on food, get knocked up, sleep through the winter& their labor while delivering babies the size of walnuts. When they wake up they have missed the infant stage of their children and are skinny again because they lived off their body fat for the last few months. Also, it's spring.
Y: That is badass. I always used to want be a dolphin. I wanna be a bear now.
T: Can't say I blame you for that switch.

Y: So, keeping with that what would you be theme. If you could be any kind of food, what would it be?
T: Pizza. For sure. Everybody likes pizza. Even vegans who don't like pizza like pizza. It's all kinds of variety.

Y: I like the way you think. So, now .. if you could pick any three descriptors for yourself, what would those be?
T: Breeding material. Do I need to say anything else? That basically covers all my greatest qualities.
Y: No, that's great. But, seriously. This isn't a game. Pick two more please.
T: Hahaha okat. I'll go with elite athlete, at least in my own mind. And indecisive, because I can never decide on things.

Y: Brilliant! So, now that we have a basic outline of your life, onto to the more personal questions. Who would you get to play yourself in a starring role about your life?
T: Jessica Biel. Before the that weird teeth thing she got done.
Y: She got weird teeth thing done? Remember that time she got in trouble with her religious parents on 7th Heaven because the doctor told them she was pregnant but really he messed up& it was her mom?
T: Yeah. But in their defense, she was a wild card. She would be pregnant as a teen.
*Journalists' note: I don't know what the tooth thing is. If anyone does, feel free to explain with a photo before& after. I tried to find it but I'm too tired / sore / distracted to do a thorough job. Help me out.

Y: This is true. I'd blame her for having premarital sex and not praying hard enough afterward. Now, when your movie makes you trillions of dollars, what would your dream vacation be?
T: Well, it would be in Las Vegas, At a 5* resort called the Wynn. It has an amazing golf course. I will be a pro-golfer at this point. Even though I have yet to swing my clubs.

Y: I like your ambition. So, in real life I asked you more questions. In the blog world, however, I've been typing a really long time& the Lakers game is on. My shoulders are also aching. On that note, I'm going to skip some questions& ask you the 2 most important remaining ones. First, how has winning this contest altered your life?
T: Well, it has greatly expanded my horizons. I'm in a café ..eating a panini ..being interviewed. Let's be real, does it get anymore glamorous than this?!
Y: Valid, valid point. Now, last one! It's a toughie. What's your favorite thing about the person currently interviewing you. That's me, in case you didn't catch on.
T: YOUR BLOG! It includes everything I love about you AND it gets my blog hits. I love when you link to it.

So, that's Tiff in a nutshell. Then I had to go to the chiropractor so our date ended. I hope you enjoyed Tiff's interview, I know we sure laughed while doing. I'm not sure whether that translates well into this online thing. Being a journalist is hard. Especially when you're a journalist with no training, sore shoulders& a Lakers game on in the background providing maximum distractions. Here are some photos of Tiffy post-prize obtaining.

With my autograph& daily affirmation that you, yes YOU, are grrrreat!

And that surprise! A gold bar. Don't say I didn't make you rich, Tiffy ;)

PS my car is fixed& returned. Thank you, boyfriend. You are the best ever, ever, ever. I appreciate it :) My Civic is very glad to be returned to the yard. Even though the other 2 cars, while newer, still managed to get more privileges than her. They are tucked into the garage& she's out facing the elements. Poor thing.

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