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September 05, 2011


My camera, sadly, is too low on the totem pole to be able to use a shutter release. Just another reason to upgrade at some point when I have the money ..which is probably never. I wanted a nice photo of my boyfriend, my pup& myself. Yesterday was my attempt at this. We walked to the beach, took the camera& promptly I forgot the tripod. Meaning that I had no other option except to put the camera on a rock and try from there.

So I made due with what I could .. this is photo attempt #1 from the rock. It turned out okay ..mostly because I converted it to black& white, which is my favorite thing ever for portraits. Although my neck looks funny. So, do you folks ever do this? Or are you lucky enough to have a camera that has a shutter release? Hitting the self-timer in burst effect then running back to your spot, trying to look decent& smiling all in 10 seconds? Hard. Officially jealous of everyone who has a shutter release ..especially a wireless one.

I am, however, resourceful& determined once I get something in my mind. For a long time I have wanted nice photos of Garret, Squirt& I. I didn't get the exact photos I had in mind (forgetting of tripod hampered that) but we did get some cute photos of us on the beach so I can't complain too much! I suppose I can sucker him into taking another set of photos in another 4 years or so ..since that's how long it took to get these ones! You should all tell him the comments how great these photos are to make it easier to get my next set ;)

We even got to include some photos of my pup with us! I love my pup so much and we had exactly 0 photos of our happy little family together. It's so nice to have me, Squirt& his step-dad all together& looking happy! Kisses on the head for my old, ancient dog.

So, how are you guys spending today? Hopefully you aren't working it away and instead are enjoying some beautiful weather! It's gorgeous here on the Cape, so after I submit this post I'm going to go outside& read a book. I know ..I'm such a crazy party animal. Enjoy your Monday- they are always easier when they don't involve going to work ;D

Oh, and if anyone has a boyfriend like mine (hates taking photos with you) here's a good guide to getting some:
1. Ask a lot
2. Stop asking
3. A few years later, lay on the guilt
4. Wait a few more months, in the meantime getting good at photographing others
5. And then, eventually, he will cave because you complain about always have nice photos of others but none of you 2.
6. At the last minute, throw in your animal and get some of them too!
7. Good luck ..let me know if they work for you ;)

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smallgirl said...

We have a ton of pictures that I've taken with the camera out at arm's length of the two of us - that's about as good as it gets! :)

littlechick said...

Thank you for your comment. I really like these pictures! Most of me an my boyf is taking with one of us holding the camera!

Ellie A. said...

Oh those are my fav. pics arms length I keep doing it maybe someone will finally get me a Tripod! & throw in a timer too almost my pics w/me in it are WAY to close. So I guess for now I'll have to stay behind for a bit & work on that guilt trip a little bigger on my husband :)

Faith McKay said...

so cute! My husband and I have been together almost seven years and I think we have two pictures of ourselves together. I'm just now starting to work on that, haha. A lot of couples seem to have hundreds by the time they've been together about a month!

The puppy is a really cute addition here :)

Yvonne said...

Smallgirl- that's mostly what we have too.. I think that's what most people end up with.

Ellie- Guilt trip is the way to go ;) I did these pics with no shutter release or tripod ..improvising at it's finest!

Faith- Hahah yeah ..we are definitely not a couple with hundreds either! We usually only take photos when on vacation/ road trips.