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March 03, 2011

Another day ..

I totally thought Mom vs. Sheen would have gotten more comments. I should tweet Charlie Sheen, I wonder if he would find it as hilarious as we all did? Probably not. Oh well. This post is going to be nearly as entertaining as my last one! Sorry about that.

Today I went to foodborne lab. I ended up being late because I'm slow and spent too long lazing in bed thinking about how cold and miserable my day was going to be once I decided to get up and start it. So, I rushed off to my lab only to get stuck in traffic and come screeching to a halt for about 5 minutes. Time to double the rest of the highway! I made it to lab, only to realize I forgot both my lab manual AND my lab project, which was tucked inside my manual. Why? To ensure it wouldn't be forgotten. Some days just aren't your day. After surviving my lab, where e. Coli was spilled over my things (yay.) and I had to re-do some tubes (no fault of my own), I headed to the cafeteria with some better news: Air Quality lab was CANCELED and I just had to survive his midterm and could head away from CBU! I spread the word to not attend lab .. sat down with Karli, Marg and Patricia to learn some things about the atmospheric layers of the earth. It was truly thrilling. Then I went off to write it. I proceeded to get perfect scores on the math section (um. I think the world is ending. Dead serious.). Hopefully I'll find out my final mark tomorrow ..don't let me down, Bill! Please have them corrected?!

The day that started out so awful was starting to look up. I headed to Garrets, where I picked up my wallet (YAY. Money!) and boyfriend and off we went to buy some 2x4s, Orange Julius and onion rings from A&W! Also we watched Dr. Phil, went to his dentist so he could pick up some paperwork and then basically lazed around until I decided I should go home and start studying for Occupational Hygiene. Man. I'm so burnt out .. I need the weekend to do NOTHING. Except, run the Louisbourg Slush Run. I am DOOMED. Meg is running amazing times and I haven't even been to the gym in 2 days. Tomorrow I'm going 100% for sure and going to pound out a good run. Then I'm going to Garret's house to sleep until it is time to wake up and go to that run. Hoping Garret will come with and take some photos! Should be really funny and cold and long and painful. I already can't wait until I can go to sleep afterward.

Speaking of photos, I know I'm SUPER behind on my 365. I promise to get all my photos uploaded, photoshopped and added to my blog soon. Either tomorrow before I go to Garret's house or on Saturday after work. It really depends on how busy I am, although once finishing this midterm tomorrow I should be good to go!
My brother gets home tonight, in fact I think he& Mom just walked in, so that will be an adventure all on it's own, really. Perk to this? Mom made chocolate fudge cupcakes and I had TWO! They were so delicious that I don't even feel badly about being such a bad eater this evening. Tomorrow I will eat good and I definitely will at work.

So, along with lack of photos of the day, you may have also noticed a lack of Insanity updates? Yeah. Going to Halifax with the girls killed that game plan and I was incredibly busy and tired this week (I must be getting sick. Being tired is really odd for me), so it just ended. I'm going to restart it on Monday from the very beginning. Including the fit test. I think somewhere in this blog I wrote down what I was able to do my very first day. I'm going to compare to see if I have improved even a tiny bit.

Alright, now it is time for me to study more for Occupational Hygiene. Wish me luck! Enjoy your Thursday evening ladies and gents .. you're all awesome :) Sorry this post wasn't nearly as entertaining as my last. Or as visually striking. I should use pie charts more often.

Edited to ask: Would it be wrong of me to reactivate my facebook in order to bring more attention to my blog? I love being facebook free but so many people who would visit my blog don't even know about it! Also, welcome to my 15th follower!! First new follower in a long time ..nice to know I'm still being read and considered decent enough to subscribe to :)

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