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March 05, 2011

Saturday& I am..

...curled up in my bed with my dog and a litre of water! It has been a long, long day. It started with a 7:00AM wake time .. some breakfast .. dressing in LOTS of layers .. running 5 miles with Meggy and her momma (which I did in 46. Yeah. I should work on that..) and then enjoying a post-run snack. Thankfully, Meg has laid out details of the run (and included some photos) already. So for your viewing pleasure, I present you Meg's blog :) Enjoy the read! Also, please note: I forgot my iPod and that was sad. Thanks, girly, for taking the initiative and posting that so I don't have to! Did I mention I am exhausted?

So, after running the race I headed home to curl up and sleep ...oh, no wait. I didn't. I worked 7hrs at the store. I spent it with The Social Network (must watch. I've seen it 2 times), rice and some $0.05 candies :D Yum. I also ensured that all my photos were ready to rock and roll for posting tonight. They are. You are excited, I can tell!

I have no horror stories from work tonight really. It was the same old, same old. I'm so sick of feeling like the Farmer's Almanac (aka, only talking about the weather) or the problem solver (really don't care about your life issues). I spent my evening thinking about less painful ways to spend it. Here is my list:
1. Sawing off my own arm and beating myself with it
2. Dental surgery with no modern medicines
3. Corset piercings
4. Having to spend 7hrs in a headstand
5. Walking in a 10ft circle for 7hrs

Yeah. My job is that AWESOME. I have to remember to download a documentary for tomorrow morning before I crash tonight. I can no longer deal with reading crappy magazines (do. not. care. about the following: teen mom, Charlie Sheen*, Brad Pitt, newest ways to wear blush, how to lose weight, why I'm not a celebrity or celebrities and all that comes with them in general). So, now .. to find an appropriately entertaining documentary / film of some type. I should get on that. I even have the popcorn ready for an afternoon movie!

So, the last thing I have to say about my evening? PEOPLE: YOU DO. NOT. NEED. to voice EVERY SINGLE thought that comes through your head. Not all of them (in fact, I'd venture as far as to say very few) are gems and worthy of verbalizing. Dear lord. I worry for humanity almost daily. When you're thinking your thoughts, please ask yourself: would anyone else in my immediate surroundings find this even REMOTELY interesting or appropriate? No? Okay, I should let it go unsaid.
Again, wonderful words of wisdom from Yvonne. Also, sometimes I wish I had started this blog anonymously so that I could talk about things that happen in my life with people who may some day discover this blog and hate me if they read what I wrote. Hahaha so instead, I will continue to discuss those things only with those who are in my close confidences.

Okay, so now. Photos of the day. Oh my, there are SO many. So, I'm going to upload some .. include some captions .. pretend I'm caught up .. and then tomorrow when I get home from work and after I've napped, I will count my photos up and figure out what day I am on / take some extras if I've fallen behind (very likely) and get myself and my readers caught up on my ever evolving photography. LOL. Not. I'm fairly certain it is not evolving OR improving. Oh well, never hurts to try. Now, onto photos:

At work ..this is our work schedule. Isn't that thrilling? I really like it for some reason, perhaps because the clover is just so cute and the fact that I like St. Patty's in general :)

This is, hands down, my most favorite photo I've taken so far. I LOVE it. Feel free to steal it and make it the background for everything you use. It really is that awesome. 5 green frogs, amazingly edited by yours truly ;) Not that amazingly, but hey .. it works. They are so cute!!

This could have gone either way: sucky or neat. I like to think it's sort of neat. Can anyone guess what it is? I love the old school retro feel to it, I don't even know if it's giving off that vibe to anyone else. You all may think it's stupid ahah

Look what's back. Our friends, the voodoo dolls :D The other evening Garret and I got TWO of the black dolls :D Amazing ..I still can't find 2 though. I think it's incredibly BAD luck to lose those things. Hopefully will find them and get a huge photo of our slowly but steadily growing doll family!

Acorn. I like this for some reason, I'm not sure why. Maybe because I took it and I want to see the good in allll my photos? Except the Sharpie photo. Man that photo sucked. LOL.

Can you guess what this is? It's a photo, but more specifically?!

Ah, coke boxes. So many. Such a fun photo effect. I am going to retry this but with a different perspective and lens. Okay, that's all I've got for photos for you now. Hope they were sufficient because they are all you're getting until tomorrow :) Have a lovely Saturday evening folks!
PS Happy early birthday (it's tomorrow) to Meg's boyfriend. Her cupcakes for the occasion are so cute!

*I actually did care about the Sheen vs. Hodder editorial though. It definitely brought me a great chuckle!


J Hodd said...

I love your photos in this post :) I can't guess what some of them are, except... that's a pinecone not an acorn!

J Hodd said...

Looking back, I think one mystery photo might be pencil shavings???

Yvonne said...

You are correct on both counts Jess.
I may have been more tired than I thought when typing out this post ..that is most definitely a pine cone ahahah oopsy! And yup, the first one is pencil shavings :D Your reward is the satisfaction of a job well done! LOL.

Candice said...

I love the FROGS!!! amazing!!! you have some beautiful photography :) and I so did steal it for my background. Candy, and cute as a button - perfect!!

Yvonne said...

Thanks so much :) That comment certainly made me smile!!