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March 06, 2011

A secret about a secret.

That's what they say photographs are. Who knew? Maybe that's why photography intrigues me so much, especially portraits. I think portraits of people are stunning, especially when done in black& white. I LOVE color, don't get me wrong, but something about a black& white photo just seems to show so much more. On that note, tonight I tired to get a rocking photo of Matthew (aka, my brother) but he refused. Oh, typical brother behavior. I swear to the good heavens above that starting tomorrow, right in school I'm busting out the camera. And I'm saying 'LET ME TAKE YOUR PHOTO ______'. Okay, probably not. I am going to try though.

So, I didn't get a photo of the brother for the photo of the day. Instead I got a clock. I'll add it to the bottom of the post as per usual. Why are my photos at the bottom you ask? To encourage you to at least scroll, if not read, through everything I felt like telling you about today!

My run yesterday went better than expected, as I didn't end up in an ambulance or dead from exhaustion LOL! Today, however, I realized I pulled a tendon or something in the top of my foot. It doesn't really matter, since I had no intentions of exercise today at all. Instead, I had a cupcake& rested at work. I read magazines (I managed to stay awake about 4 minutes after posting) and tried to tolerate the people who come into my store. In all fairness, I actually like quite a bit of the regulars who come through! If I'm in an especially good mood, I can even manage to find the humor in the ones I don't like. Lately, there have been no good moods to find it.
So then I came home, changed the look of my blog, went for a coffee with the boyfriend (he came and picked me up AND purchased my tea. Score for me!), did some school and am now considering just curling up in bed to watch the new show, Breakout Kings. It's not on until much later though.

I had something worthwhile to post here, and like typical me, I have completely forgotten what it was. Perhaps something about the weather? How great it was to not have crazy high winds, snow storms and freezing cold temperatures awaiting my walk outdoors this morning. Words cannot express the joy I receive in thinking spring may actually make it to Cape Breton. I am cautiously optimistic. I will gladly take overcast days with rain, until at least May. Just please, no. more. snow!!! I am SO ready to get back outside and run. Treadmills make me such a sad runner boring. I feel like a hamster in a wheel. Only a hamster isn't smart enough to know better.

Yeah. So, I have nothing super exciting to really tell you folks about today. I do, however, have a photo being posted on time. Which is an accomplishment all in it's own! Just call me Ms. Productivity! Here is my mom's clock:

Ain't she a beauty?! Also, drop a line in the comments and let me know if you prefer this blog layout to the old one and also let's encourage Garret to use it to design the paint scheme for his new motorcycle :D

Have a great Sunday evening, ladies& gents :)


Meghan F. said...

I'm a big fan of the new design!

Brittany said...

Totally approve

Allison said...

liking it!

Yvonne said...

Yay .. thanks ladies :D