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March 07, 2011

Monday Happiness!

I have completed my task for today. I GOT A PORTRAIT! I am so happy :) Hopefully once you guys see how good this little lady looks, you'll be more willing to stand in front of my lens. There wasn't much to fix for my model today, just color correction and some small details. I'm sure if I was a better photographer, there would be more problems I would be seeing. As it stands, I really like it as is. I hope Kayla does too (ps thanks girly for playing photo of the day subject!). She was a good sport, despite Matthew insisting she leave so that he could play a song. That was about 40 minutes ago and he's STILL playing incredibly loud music. It's so frustrating .. I miss my house when it's quiet. Photo will be in it's usual place at the very bottom :)

Aside from my photography adventure, not much else happened. I went to school .. I came home. It was nice out and I contemplated an outside run. Why didn't I, you ask? The top of my left foot is still REALLY sore. It's the oddest sensation. Along with sore foot tops (what is that part of my body even called?!), the wind has decided to pick up and the weather network tells me Cape Breton can look forward to 70km/hr winds. I am still holding out for spring, although with a little less enthusiasm at the moment. Hopefully soon both my feet and the weather will improve enough to allow me to go outside for a run. My fingers are crossed. Yours should be too! I can hardly remember what flowers and leaves and green grass looks like .. I have to google nice weather to be reminded it really does exist.

On this crappy weather day, I am planning to go back into Sydney to hang out with the boyfriend. Not entirely sure what we're going to do yet, perhaps a movie? All I know is currently I'm curled up on my upstairs couch watching X-Weighted and thinking how I lack the energy to get up and get showered! Hopefully next commercial break I'll get myself a delicious cup of tea and the caffeine will encourage my body to stop being so tired.
It may also have something to do with the fact that I haven't just stopped and let myself get sick. I've been fighting off a cold for a LONG time now and I think it's slowly winning. I'm sneezing and my nose is running (sadly, not literally. That would be a good photo!). Thank goodness I only have an A&P test this Wednesday and the rest of the time will be for me to relax and try to get better.

There's a road run on March 20th (no idea if I already wrote about this) and so I need to get Matthew to work my shift at the store. Hopefully he is agreeable to this .. I will find out shortly when I ask him, I suppose. It's a 5k& I have just about 2wks to work on this so I'd LOVE to really get my time down low and just pound out the miles. Here's hoping!
The other alternative is that I don't get to run it because I'm in prison awaiting my murder trial for killing my brother. WHY CAN YOU NOT PLAY THE MUSIC LOWER? I am getting noise-induced deafness just being in the same house as you. I have a headache, truly. I need a vacation from this child already.

Oh, also, I am by no means a good cook. I can, however, cook the things I enjoy quite well. Here is a completely made-by-me recipe:

1 half chicken breast
Light zesty seasoning
Chili powder
Toss it all together on the stove to cook. While that's cooking (med-high), onto the next part:

Part skim cheese (just as delicious as the regular kind, trust me)
Light mayo (or honey mustard ..I just can't give up my mayo<3) Whole grain tortilla Put mayo on tortilla .. then the cheese. Hopefully your chicken is almost ready by now& when it is, throw IT on the tortilla wrap and wrap it all up. Simple, quick, delicious! Now, my photo:

Ahhh .. portrait #2 completed! Now, who will be my next one?!
PS hope your Monday is about as excellent as a Monday can be :) Mine has improved drastically because my brother has left the house!


Hanny said...

Portrait is good! However i'd prefer looking at it portrait ways. :)

I like your life.

J Hodd said...

Mmm recipe sounds good...

*~t!ff~* said...

that would be the dorsal surface of your foot my lovily!

Allison said...

lol...enjoy the music...the homestead will be quiet again real soon!! xo

Yvonne said...

I love how every single one of you posted about a different blog topic! LOL!

PS thanks so much Tiffy, allowed me to google my poor aching foot. It didn't help.. just made me think I have a stress fracture!!