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March 08, 2011


Hope you are eating some today (either made by yourself or by someone else for you!) and perhaps even finding money in them?! Even better if it's large amounts and you didn't put it there yourself ;) I had cereal for breakfast, but you can bet my supper is going to be pancakes! Soo delicious!

Aside from it being pancake day, it's a Tuesday. I'm laying on my couch .. watching Ellen interview Mike Tyson, who has a crazy face tattoo but just said something insightful -> "There are a lot of great people who aren't that good." Brilliant from the man who has scrambled brains from too many punches to the head. Not to mention, he bit someones ear off.

So, what is on the agenda for this lovely day? First up is heading to my lab. Hopefully it won't take long .. I'll get home, study for A&P, make myself some lunch (pancakes!), continue studying, do tea with Tiffy (who should really update her blog!), where I will get another portrait shot! After that, I'll come home .. upload it .. and post it here! Yes folks, that means there will be TWO blog posts in one day! Amazing, isn't it?

So, last night we saw the movie Drive Angry. It was, hands down, the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. And I'm usually someone who can tolerate Nick Cage. Oh my god. Do not go see that movie. I also could have been slightly cranky because I couldn't eat the popcorn (stupid canker.).

So, it's many hours later. I forgot to post this. Typical me. Lab was attended, lunch was skipped, supper was chicken ... pancakes are going to be my study snack :D Got a tea with Garret .. he is a gimpy boyfriend. My puppy is not doing very well today, he isn't standing up or eating or really showing any interest in me. He always shows interest in me. Matthew also tried to give him 3 treats, and they are still laying on the floor beside him. This speaks even more than him not being super excited to see me lol! He loves his treats. He also won't go up& down the stairs ..I guess I will have to give him some medicine and hope for the best. Poor little stinker :(

Also, can I just say I've had this canker for over a week now. Instead of getting better, it is getting worse. It hurts to brush my teeth (don't worry, that hasn't stopped me from performing the task!), it hurts to eat anything, drink anything (oddly, even water) and mostly it is as annoying as hell. Along with the canker that just won't go away, I also am continuing to suffer from a runny nose and sneezing. I wish I would either get sick enough to allow myself to do nothing except sleep or get better. Stuck in limbo between health and sickness? Gross. I totally get why ghosts are so cranky all the time now. Poor fellas.

So, my photo of the day is Bella! She is huge& sweet hurts when she steps on your toes!

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