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March 10, 2011


This year for Lent I'm giving up. That post title perfectly describes my day today. Let's start with yesterday though, shall we?

Yesterday I went to my A&P test, came home to see the puppy (who is fine now. Thank goodness he just keeps perking right back up!!), went back to CBU to gym it with Marg. All was going well until I got onto the treadmill for a run. 30 minutes to run 1.89 miles. My foot is SO frigging sore .. it was actually going numb at certain points ahaha so then we went to the Dome and just enjoyed the fake grass and sunlight! After that, I went with the boyfriend to get Orange Julius& Subway. I went to his house and promptly fell asleep until 12.30AM. Oops. Came home, crawled into my own bed and then? Start the 'ugh' day.

I slept in. So I got to lab 15 minutes late. Perfecto. After lab ended, I had about 3hrs to kill before my next lab. I went to the mall, but my foot hurt WAY too much to walk around there so I went to my car and got Burger King. Don't even care. That vanilla shake? To die for. Then I got a tea& had some quiet time with myself. I also, however, spilled the tea all over myself. Along with tea, I had some skittles. I opened them upside down and they all fell on the ground. At this point, I'm wanting to cry. I finish my tea, go to get my favorite gum .. pop it out, wham. Lost forever down my seat. Life, can you get any worse? Oh, yes. Yes you can. I spy with my little eye, something that is a pink packet of bubblegum flavored Extra gum!! I proceed to get WAY too excited .. pull out the pack anddddd .... it's empty. I quit at life. Went to lab, nothing too unfortunate happened there because I only had to sit and listen. After lab, I went to hit golf balls with Marg. It resulted in me missing the ball a lot .. hurting my foot by over rotating it .. and lastly, we went up to the gym. Where I promptly dropped the bosu ball on my foot :) So then driving home, I hit a MASSIVE pothole ..what the hell, Nova Scotia?! Now I'm home. I had my pizza (thanks, Mom!) and am ready to just do nothing all evening. Thank god for tonight .. I am planning on stealing Mom's bag of candy corn& chocolate sprinkle candies and just watching some Criminal Minds / Law& Order! The other downside to today& yesterday? THE WEATHER. Good lord. It is C- O- L- D out there! And gas is expensive, it is also going up tomorrow. I also NEED gas .. this is a dilemma because I HATE pumping gas in the cold. More than almost anything .. except eyes& hills.

The good things in my world? Here we go:
1. Mom returned my pants to Tommy& got me the right sizes (thanks again, Mom!)
2. She also bought me my favorite makeup (Benefit ..basically Halifax only. What the hell, Cape Breton? Stock more of it please.)
3. I let my eyebrows get gross in order to re-shape them. This could have gone either way ..but I waited patiently, plucked with caution& ended up with great eyebrows. Thank you, eyebrow kit for your stencils. Thank you, myself for your patience and skill with the Tweezerman!
4. I DO NOT have a coldsore. Knock on wood.

Now, what's left?! Oh yes, today and yesterday's photos. I don't have one for today yet, so you'll just have to patiently wait for that. Sorry, folks. If I just end up laying around my house all night, I will definitely edit this post to include the one for today :)
So here is Margy ..she always looks so stunning. Jealoussss. Perhaps I'll take my own photo today to compare LOL!

Alright, so today's photo has been taken and clearly, slightly edited. This is because I like photoshop. Suck it up and deal if you don't. I especially like my neck muscles in this one. Yum. Clavicles too!

PS another artist you all should listen to that you have probably never heard of? Nick Driver! Really, any of the artists on rotation on XM Coffeehouse .. however, I will start you with Mr. Driver - Let's Stay Together :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Meghan F. said...

I don't know why you were worried about portraits! You're a natursl!

Meghan F. said...

or even a natural!