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March 11, 2011


Before I start my post for the day, let me just say: Sorry Japan! Hope you guys survive and figure your shit out. Serious stuff going on over there .. lots of damage and trauma to recover from. 8.9 earthquakes, 27ft tsunamis, devastation everywhere. The footage is wild.

Today is Friday .. I certainly hope that makes you all as happy as it makes me! Today was not super exciting. First I went to my classes, except not Occupational Hygiene because Helen canceled it! Thanks, Helen. So then Marg and I did lunch at the mall, where we met Barry and Brenda. I would tell you what we talked about, but to be honest I'm exhausted and can't recall it. Oh well. After my Orange Julius& Subway (no that's dejavu. I really DID just have it the other day!), we hit up the Bay. I bought noting .. Marg tried on dresses. Then it was back to CBU for a meeting with all the branch presidents of public health from every province. Very interesting to hear what they have to say, along with the places where we're likely to get placements. Hopefully I made a good impression on NS branch manager (thanks, Bernie for your positive words about me ..LOL!) and he really wants to hire me! Either way, it would be incredibly nice to just get a placement. I also spoke to the branch presidents frommm .. Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia. Then I ate a chocolate timbit and went home.

Aside from that, my foot still hurts like crazy. I now have it wrapped though, so that is a perk! I'm giving it until Monday and if it's still not better, I'm considering removing it from my otherwise fully functional body. Hopefully it will be better before resorting to such extreme measures. For now, I'm listening to Andrew Allen (so good!) and enjoying a St. Patrick's Day green shortbread cookie (so good!). I'm gearing up for a low key Friday .. and a party filled Saturday aka pubcrawl .. and work. Wah wah!

So, now .. the only thing left is a photo of the day& I don't have it for you. Sorry, ladies& gents. Better luck next time (also known as 1 - 2hrs when I come back& update this with my photo).

Okay, photo is taken. I am stupid and forgot to set the focus back to auto. I left it on manual and even had this conscious thought at one point 'Jeeze, my camera doesn't seem like it's auto focusing ..weird'. Yes. I thought that and STILL didn't look to see why that may be. So, with that in mind ..let's all remember that photoshop can only do so much for a photo. I am too tired to try and get a better photo for today. Plus, my foot hurts. Putting on shoes makes it hurt more. My last excuse is that it is cold and, also, now dark. So, what is my photo of the day today you ask?
It's some trees .. a little of the ocean .. some snow& dirt .. etc. This is Cape Breton at that awkward time between winter& spring.


J Hodd said...

I actually really like this photo of the day!

Yvonne said...

Thanks Jess :) It's very creepy looking, like a man should be coming from the beach toward me. Only instead of a hand, he has a giant fork-like structure jutting from his wrist!!