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March 14, 2011

A whole weekend!

With no posting! And now it's Monday ..why was I too busy to post you ask? Good question. I think I was just exhausted, sitting down& uploading photos, writing a blog, being witty, etc just wasn't appealing to me. Not that I need energy to be witty, really. That just comes natural ;) So, now onto the important questions of how I spent my Saturday& Sunday!

Saturday - work til 3. Read magazines .. learned the new trends for spring .. how to do an at-home manicure .. how to straighten my hair so I look pretty (that is a rant for an entirely different day. I try to stay away from my hair on this blog.) .. and various other things I've promptly forgotten. Afterward, I proceeded to not attend hot yoga (oops!) and made 45 jell-o shots. Then, off Karli& I went to Lindsey's to enjoy some shots& skull vodka :D It was all delicious. Then we headed to Daniels, where we met up with public health people and headed to Capri. It was fun .. then I went to Garrets and fell into delightful sleep.

On Sunday, Garret& I did nothing much of anything. I actually can't remember what happened, and that's sad because it was only yesterday! Oh, wait. No, we got Tim Hortons (I didn't win. I haven't won yet. Frig you, Roll Up The Rim. You suck.) and then headed to my house where I fed him his favorite meal -Mom's lasagna! Yum for him. Then he went home, I went to work& it was annoying. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer because I love Angel and wished all my customers would stop being annoying. I must have sold about 150 - 180 $2 crosswords. WHAT. THE. HELL. So then I ran out, of course. Life was great. After work, I came home& curled up to watch Breakout Kings. Instead, I got sucked into something else that I can't even remember now. I am going to watch it tomorrow.

So then, I couldn't sleep until 2 and woke up at 3.45AM to take Matthew to the airport ..I did. I met Mom there .. we saw the child off .. I went to Garrets .. blah blah blah ..exciting part?!
So. Lunchtime-ish .. we go to the SPCA. It was CRAZY in there, so many barking dogs. None of them really appealed to me (which was nice, because I'm not getting a dog and Garret refuses to get one.), until I turned the corner. Oh. My. Love. A beautiful little American Staffordshire was just sitting in her cage, waiting for me to save her from her overstimulating life at the SPCA. She was the sweetest, kindest looking dog I've seen in a long time& she was just so calm amid all the chaos. How could I not love her?! So, I fell in love with a dog that I cannot have ..this is my plea to someone to go rescue her. She deserves a great home& I truly wish more than anything I could give it to her. Seriously, if you can help out in anyway.. so sad to see so many animals with no love in their lives. Then we hit up Boston Pizza, where I had a delicious pasta. Then we went to his garage, where we decided to take his bicycles for a ride.

Yes. In this weather. It's 50km/hr winds and -13C with snow falling. I rode his amazing road bike and have decided that I'm definitely going to have to upgrade sooner rather than later. It was amazing. Then I was very cold and headed home to visit Mom before she left for work and catch up on my blogging / TV shows / posting of photos / hanging with my own puppy / etc. So, now here I am, getting caught up on my blog& photos .. puppy has been given lots of attention and soon Intervention& Heavy will be on. This will be an excellent evening all around :)

So, this post is seeming incredibly long and I still have to add 3 days worth of photos! So, here we go. Starting with a photo from Saturday. This is the album cover for a record Matt has. The record is the soundtrack to Alice in Wonderland! So much fun ..Matthew's stuff is neat to photograph because it's all so peculiar.

After that, I have yet another photo of something that either Matthew or Dad owns. It is a Sherlock Holmes guitar pick. I don't particularly like this photo, however I was in a rush to get jell-o +myself ready for the evening, so it's all your getting!

And, then lastly? There is my photo for today! Guess what it is? There's no way you'll ever guess. I took the photo and I don't even know, really. It's some type of wind up robot that dances back& forth. It's cute. It's Matthews. Yes, 3 days of lightbox photography of items that Matthew owns. Enjoy!

And now my excessively long 3-day catch up is done. I hope you enjoyed it and feel like you know what's happening in my world again. My world really IS that exciting ..most days, anyway. I also decided that's time to get back on the fitness train, my foot is mostly healed. I'm restarting Insanity tomorrow .. plus a run. Eventually, I'd really just like to be a professional surfer in Hawaii or New Zealand or something. Dream big, right? For now, I'll be happy with some muscle, ripped abdominals and a better diet!

Oh, also, I feel like it's time to share another song with you folks. It's Andrew Allen -Loving You Tonight. I'd prefer to share my favorite song by him (Sooner) ..however, it doesn't appear to exist except live. I hate live versions of songs when they are recorded with all the talking / background singing from those around the person filming / the person themselves. On that note:


Allison said...

the guitar pick was a gift to Matt from a friend who went to London...

gailhodder said...

I was really hoping to see a pic. of the SPCA dog :(

Yvonne said...

Gail -there were no photos allowed in there, sadly. I would normally just break that rule& take a photo anyway, but some guy was following Garret and I around :(