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March 15, 2011

Sunny Tuesdays!

Today was beautiful. It was sunny, it was considerably warmer than yesterday and I cleaned my entire car, inside& out! It is SO nice to have it sparkling when I drive it .. no more shame in owning in the dirty car LOL. Thanks, boyfriend for helping me and letting me use your car cleaning supplies :) You rock!

Before cleaning out my car, I embraced the day by wrapping my foot and hitting up the treadmill. It was excellent ..I pounded out 5 miles on hills with the sun from outside shining on my back. Almost made me think it was actually spring-like out! Oh, sunshine. You lift the cloak of anger and bitterness from me. Also, it stayed bright out until about 7.30! Hello, spring ahead. I love you almost as much as sunshine. Afterward, I had an Orange Julius and proceeded on my mission to clean the poor Civic. Then Margaret convinced me to play basketball ..which was interesting. On the bright side, I was the fastest person up the court! Thank you, many miles logged.

My post the other day (yesterday? I'm not really sure) mentioned that practically all magazines say there are 2 ways to have good hair; straighten it or artificially curl it. I don't really care, my curls rock& my boyfriend loves them. Or at least, he tells me he does and that's all that matters. The only thing that bothers me is that it makes it impossible to find cute ways to style curly hair. Seriously hair is constantly the EXACT SAME. This bothers me from time to time.

Mostly because for 21 years of my life, I have NOT embraced the curl. Actually, I fought the curl with clothes irons, hair irons, serums, gels, creams.. hell I would have shot a unicorn if I thought it would give me what genetics didn't -- straight hair. It was painstaking work of straightening and praying to sweet baby Jesus there was no humidity, rain, clouds, anything that would destroy my highly time consuming straight hair.
And then, when disaster struck and it rained within 2000 miles of where I was standing and the curls started to creep up, first on my forehead and slowly all over, I would cry on the inside and wonder why they just couldn't cooperate. Yeah, I thought this until I was 21. Yeah, I know curls aren't really self-aware. No, it doesn't mean I didn't still hate them for it.

So then one day, I put down the creams, gels, irons and administered CPR to the unicorn. I sat down with trusty google and typed 'how to get gorgeous curls' and instead found a whole new lifestyle. I did a lot of reading .. a lot of practicing .. I learned all there was to learn about all the kinks and waves and curls and types 1 - 4B. Yeah, there are a LOT of different kinds of curl. Why oh why can some magazine not just show us girls who don't want to straighten our hair (or artificially curl it ..what's the point? It's already curly)?!
So my new mission = get curly hairstyles. Grow my curly hair out (shocker.) and try to help others make embracing their own hair easier on them!

On that note, I think I've done enough typing for the day. Now, my photo. Yes. I have it. Just call me awesome. I also even know what day I'm on. I spent this afternoon updating my Project 365. I am on day 41 as of today. I cannot believe I've kept it. Oh, and also that I still have over 300 days left. Really makes the year seem impossibly long!

Stay classy boys& girls :)
And let me know what you prefer ... curly or straight?!


Allison said...

love this photo....this is your week of all things brother....

Yvonne said...

Hahaha I knowww .. what can I say? The child is odd, which lends itself to having lots of neat things to photograph. And this light is just awesome all around!