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March 16, 2011


Wednesday's don't get enough love from the world, despite their nickname Hump day! They deserve some more appreciation .. after all, their start symbolizes having survived the first of the week and their end symbolizes 'ALMOST WEEKEND!'. I like them :)
Today I bought a tea from Tim Hortons and guess what?! I forgot to roll up the rim :( I always forget. So frustrating ..not that I would have won anyway. Now, I want a tea that is made correctly (the last one was completely wrong. Still drank it anyway) and poured into a winning cup!

Aside from today being Wednesday& including tea, I had some classes& did a boiler room inspection (ps - CBU has the most immaculately clean boiler room I've ever seen. Okay, so I may have only ever seen this one, but seriously. Could eat off the floors!). It was interesting and afterward we celebrated completing it by going out for lunch. Any excuse to eat out, right?! Then I came home ..was going to hit up the gym, but it got canceled so I will just do Insanity this evening. I keep saying I'm going to restart it anyway .. today is as good as any!

So, now we have to talk about what is on my mind. Here is what is on my mind: annoying people. Not even casually annoying people. I'm talking people who, in their own minds, are the next greatest thing to ever happen to the earth. I recently showed a video of a singer singing a fabulous song. I still love the song. I loved it so much, I decided to follow her on twitter! Turns out, the vision I had of her in my mind was much better than the real live version of her.

Upon following her, I realized 2 major things:
1. She doesn't understand basic grammar
2. She's really annoying

This was sad for 2 reasons:
1. She obviously didn't write that incredibly clever& catchy song
2. I have to unfollow her

Also, I encouraged her to take her tweeting more grammatically seriously but typing out this gentle reminder:

It was clearly appreciated as I got this reply, in a snarky passive-aggressive I-recognize-your-tweet-but-will-not-direct-my-reply-to-you sort of way!

*Edited to protect singers privacy ..unless you're clever enough to either see the only female singer I've ever posted / can recognize this photo. LOL!

So, the moral of the story? If you are going to be passive-aggressive towards me, I will passive-aggressively blog about you. I will spare no one. It might even become some sort of weekly feature: Yvonne Explores Passive-Aggressive Humans.
Could be a thrilling look into the human psyche.

Until then, I will leave you with some questions:
1. Can you figure out this person?
2. Does passive-aggressive twitter behavior bother you?
3. Did it at least make you laugh?!

Last, but not least, ladies and gentlemen .. I present to you, my photo of the day! Enjoy :)


Allison said...

hey thats 3 questions!!
looking forward to your passive aggressive posts!!

Meghan F. said...

Her tweets are ridiculous. Some people should really not be allowed to speak for themselves.