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March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Today is a good day .. it involves lots of the color green, midgets, gold tokens, clovers& yes, sometimes even liquor. Today, my day consisted of only the first - lots of things green! Too bad dad isn't a little shorter ..he would make a good leprechaun. He arrived home today, so we celebrated with spaghetti& cake!
Before all this, I got the boyfriend. We did a Tim's date (two times. Before& after supper. He won 1/2 times, I won 0/2. Yeah. Whatever, Tim. Whatever) then hit up Orange Julius for an afternoon pick me up (was so beautiful out today!!) and lastly we stopped at Vogue Optical. It only took about 1 month for them to get my second pair of glasses in! They are pretty sweet glasses though, so I guess I can forgive them this one time. So ..that's it, minus what happened in my lab but I'm saving that for down below. Enjoy the read :)

Then I went to buy a bundt cake pan, some cake mix& icing. Mom and I proceeded to make the greenest cake ever (seriously.) and then some green icing! So, while waiting for the cake to cool, what happens?
Garret arrives .. I jokingly ask him to take the cake out of the pan. He attempts. The end result?
PS - it was only supposed to be one piece. LOL!

Oh, Mr. Garret it is truly funny that you would do that considering Mom& I had just finished having a discussion about how my food always tastes delicious but the presentation sucks! Thank you for lending a hand in continuing that trend ;) Oh well least you guys can see how awesome the cake was! Lovee it. It is also delicious. Just not the prettiest looking thing ever. I may submit it to Cake Wrecks just for laughs!

So, aside from my laughter about the cake debacle& supper (which was SO good), I also have 2 other things to discuss with you folks:

Topic 1: E. coli
So. E. coli is a bacteria that isn't very pleasant& you probably don't want to get it. I'll spare you the details and the scientific stuff and just tell you that it's not fun to be puking and vomiting. In foodborne lab today, my lab partner proceeds to spill a tube FILLED to the brim with E. coli bacteria in it ALLL over everything. Thanks. Then she proceeded to sit down, say sorry quickly and allow me to clean it up. It was delicious ..I have to sterilize my phone, table and eventually myself. I will know if I did a good job sometime tomorrow. How you ask? Remember the part where I told you I baked a cake? LOL. Sorry in advance, parents and boyfriend! My fingers are crossed. Especially since I also ate the cake.
I am also incredibly happy that labs are over and I no longer have to ever work with her again. My desire to avoid foodborne illness directly conflicts with her desire to give it to me.

Topic 2: Tights as Pants
So this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Pants are not tights. Tights are not pants. If you find yourself putting on tights and then putting on a shirt that does not cover your ass / crotch area, you need to rethink this. You need to either replace the too-short shirt or the see-through tights. No one, I repeat NO ONE wants to see that. The only thing that prevents me from pointing out to people how AWFUL of a life decision that is is my sheer unwillingness to speak to people I don't know. If I was anyone else who felt this strongly, I'd be protesting against it on street corners and doing interviews on Live@5! Ugh. Please tell me someone else feels this way?! Whyyyy does this seem to be an ever increasing trend on this little island? Do girls / young women really think their hooha needs to be allowed to be viewed?! Jeeze. Have some respect, ladies.

Now that those 2 thoughts are off my mind, I will present to you my photo of the day. In keeping with the theme of Saint Patrick's day, I have a 365 of the cake. Only this time a little closer, iced, sprinkled and tacked back together to at least try to resemble something edible! It's sort of a cool photo ..I like it because there's 2 of my favorite things; sprinkles& icing :D

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Allison said...

love this post....but think i should have a page too!! I am the one responsible for you being so fabulous.... cause the momma always gets the blame...xo