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March 18, 2011

Friday evenings..

..are best spent at my job? No, wait. That doesn't sound right. Let me try again:
Friday nights are best spent looking through Vogue, Shape& In Style. Along with dealing with increasingly strange customers. Yeah. Still not sounding like the best way to have spent this evening, although perhaps was the best way to earn a paycheck. At the very least, it provides me with the desire to have style, to cut off all my hair (or have it grow long miraculously fast) and choke some people off.

I will start with the strange, strange man who called my store tonight. Affectionately known as Creepy. So, I'm leaving the store at the end of the month ..somehow Creepy finds this information out. He calls my store and this is our conversation:

Me: *sees caller ID.. groans. Picks up anyway, despite her better judgment*. Cogans.
Creepy: Hello, this is Creepy. I heard you're leaving the store!
Me: Yup.
Creepy: Oh my. Well, that's too bad. Are you going to let me buy you a tea tomorrow? I know I can't buy you a doughnut because you're on that weird diet thing.
Me: Umm .. maybe.
Creepy: You should you know. Are you working in the morning?
Me: *seriously debating lying to him ..but he'll just come in for both shifts anyway* Yeah.
Creepy: Well I'll be there before 3 to make sure I can get you something from Tim Hortons.
Me: Yeah, okay. Bye.

SERIOUSLY. What the hell is wrong with people like this?! Have I not been clear enough that I do not want anything that you can do for me? Take a hint. Please. It is times like these that I'm so excited to be done there. Then I remember the strange world that awaits me outside the convenience store bubble. This brings me great sorrow.

So, aside from Creepy calling the store, my shift was fairly uneventful. The regular strange customers .. lots of people who wanted Lotto Max tickets but couldn't figure out how to order them .. men who were inappropriate .. women who tried to get more free pulltabs than they had earned .. then one guy who won $100 and gave me $10! Thanks, your generosity was super appreciated. I will be spending it on something I don't need, like nail polish.

What I wish I had gotten? Enough money to buy all the amazing clothes I keep seeing in magazines. FINALLY things I like are in:
1. Skinny jeans
2. BRIGHT colors

...yeah. That completes my list. It also is basically the only thing I wear, so it's amazing that suddenly the fashion world has decided to make me cool with little to no effort on my part. I just have to purchase them. I'm looking for some cheap cool pieces (oh my god. I'm such a fashionista. Is that even what they are called? ahahah) and I am determined to try harder than 'I put on pants. What more do you want from me, people?!'. I figure I may as well, since I finally like what's considered hip& cool. Mostly the things I want are from Marc Jacobs. I either can't afford what I want (1,295$ raincoat, anyone?) or no stores around here sell what is cheaper. All of this is so sad. Oh well, I suppose I should stop complaining.

Onto the next feature of this blog, which would be what folks?! You should know this by now! In case you don't, I'll remind you; photo of the day! I am doing so good at consistently posting one. Go me. My photo is so cool. Although not as tasty as yesterdays :( It is cuter ..or well, I guess they are cuter. I know, I know. The anticipation is killing you. Without further ado ..

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Allison said...

poor creepy...he will miss least he has good taste kiddo!