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March 01, 2011

Happy March!

I meant to post last night .. and then I had to watch Easy A (ps, everyone should also watch this. So brilliantly funny and relevant ahahaha) with Mom. After that, I had to make myself supper and shower in order to get to the boyfriend's house to eat treats and watch people lose weight (Heavy) and get over addictions (Intervention). It was delightful .. but it left me forgetting to update the world on my life!! I know, the disappointment was almost unbearable. The drive over was sooo long ..I hate, hate, hate SNOW. Bright side?!

I GOT TO PLOW THIS MORNING! We got in the Jeep and really, Garret did most of the driving. I, however, moved the plow up and down via the switch! It was really fun .. and then we got tea. And also went to my house to pick up my gym clothes so that I could go to the gym with Margy after my lab. The lab consisted of going to the Pit to check VOC (volatile organic compound) levels .. wearing some PPE (personal protective equipment) .. and checking out what PPE is needed when working with certain chemicals. It was actually kind of fun. Except the part where my head was too tiny to fit any of the masks. We got to spray this delicious tasting mist into our faces to see if we could taste it .. if we could, it meant ill fitting equipment. We could. It was delicious though so we didn't really mind. Had it of been disgusting, I would have been a sadder / grosser experience.

At the gym, I pounded out 4 miles and did an ab workout. After surviving that, I headed to Orange Julius with Marg. They made my smoothie wrong AND I forgot my wallet so I had to scrounge money from Marg. Sorry, promise to pay you back tomorrow when I find my wallet! You're a real doll :) At home, I enjoyed some corn, sweet& sour chicken &mashed potatoes. Delicious. Then a chocolate chip cookie .. some Ritz with cheese .. and a milk and now water. Yum. I may have to break out the popcorn in a little bit, I'm craving snacks!

Basically, today nothing overly exciting has happened and mostly I'm exhausted and still have to pound out QPM and foodborne assignments. Wah wah wah. I am truly wishing I could nap and magically have them done when I wake up. Dream big. I'm currently watching Big Bang and being giddy because some people have randomly picked up my blog and started posting it on their pages (I can now be found in some tumblr sites .. LinkedIn .. etc etc). Thanks for finding me funny / relevant / entertaining / whatever. My boyfriend is floating around on random sites with a dinosaur ahahaha

Now, some topics of choice:
1. Joel Plaskett - let's be real. This guy rocks and has been a staple in my music for many many years. I've seen him in concert SO many times ..sheer genius. He is my favorite cruising music :) When you get to the end of my post, I may just have included a favorite song for you to listen to!

2. Charlie Sheen - Just because Mom mentioned his life isn't nearly as crazy as hers is. I'd like to do a comparison list but 2 problems: 1. I don't know anything about Sheen. 2. I don't know how to make a chart on here :( Perhaps I'll google him and photoshop one up!

3. Winter - we're getting ANOTHER storm on Thursday. This is quickly getting old. Seriously. IT IS MARCH. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ALMOST SUMMER. Why lord, why? Snow? Where are you global warming? We should all joins forces with my mom and spray some hairspray in an effort to hurry it up and make us warm!! So, on the other hand they say March either comes in like a lion and out like a lamb or the opposite. So I guess that means we can look forward to a spectacular ending .. along with a beautiful April?!

4. Horses - I miss them SO much. If anyone reading this has a horse they want to lend me, please. Let me know?! Once the spring really arrives, I will desperately require some equine interaction back into my life. Weekly, at least. Preferably? Daily. Or, puppies. If anyone has a puppy I can love, I will be glad to take on the role of crazy dog lady. Has a better ring to it than crazy cat lady anyway!

Alright, so now that we've caught up on my relatively boring past 2 days, I have a photo of the day from yesterday ..I need to take today's still :( Just thinking of everything I still have to do is making me tired. That is never a good sign.
Yesterdays photo was the sky. With some clouds in it. I have no idea what day I'm on .. I'm too tired to count. Numbers make me nauseous. I want to do a good photo some day soon, it requires some nice weather though so I can get outside and do something more than same old, same old! I also need to keep working with my light box.
Here are my clouds :)

C'est fantastique, non? Also, I'm STILL looking for people who want to play model for me. Garret is either going to get sick of me trying to take his photo, or you people are going to think I'm obsessed with posting photos of him!! I have refrained from more photos of him, but need portraits. I can do closeups and landscapes are out until it's nice! So, don't be shy. Just tell me how badly you wish you could be a model. I have photoshop and will only post gorgeous / handsome photos of you! LOL. Oh well.. doesn't hurt to beg a little.

Now, to make good on my promise for a video. I present you, Joel Plaskett. He's great!

PS Joel, when are you coming back to Cape Breton?! Let a girl know. Promise to purchase tickets and hit that up! The island misses you :)


Allison said...

You like my Sheen reference...he totally p's me off....all the publicity for his crazy choices when the little ol' mommas like me are living crazier lives by far and not by our own choice and recieving no public recognization!!

Brittany said...

joel is in the hammer this month but it's all sold out :(