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August 03, 2011

Halfway through..

Halfway through the week that is! The weather on the island is fabulous if you like cold, wind& rain. Any takers? I know lots of you bloggers are complaining about the heat ..let's trade! Since I had lots of time to kill today and absolutely nothing to do or no one to hang out with I decided to spend some time with my puppy. AKA we had a photo shoot! He was so thrilled with the idea that he could hardly stand still.

What's that? Why yes, you're right. He WAS trying to run away from me& my camera. Silly Squirt should be used to me taking photos of him now but for some reason he still really hates it. Whatever. He weighs 5 pounds. Just try to stop me, ya little stinker.

Required to have a (semi) cooperative pup.
Much bribery& cushioning for the old fart in order to get a cute shot.

It's crazy to think that I've had Squirt for so long. His birthday is the end of August and I can't wait to celebrate by getting an ice cream cake (for the humans) and a bone (his)! I am super excited to snap some really cute shots of his birthday this year .. he's getting a full photography session free of charge. I know, I know. He hates it but he's just so darn photogenic!

See? How can you not take his photo.
I know I own the cutest dog in the entire world ;)

I wish that he was more willing to play along and sit or lay down quietly for photos. He's friggin' ancient so how does he even have half the energy he does?! It's almost a small miracle especially considering 7 years ago now a vet told us to enjoy the time we had left with him because he would probably never fully recover from his pitbull attack. He is the dog that just refuses to let life get him down. We could probably all learn a lesson from him. Even 3 weeks of bed rest didn't dampen his spirits too much!

Can't you just hear him saying;
'But Mom this is so dumb!'

Winters are hard on my old fart but he always rallies around in the spring and stays good through the autumn for me! I think the crappy damp weather has been hard on him .. we aren't getting in many walks and he isn't getting much vitamin D. Then again, neither are the rest of us. So even though today was foggy& drizzly, we spent about an hour outside running around& taking photos.

Dreaming of freedom..
It's all that keeps him going during photos ;)

I think it lifted his spirits although I know next show he's spending some quality time over at the barns. That's like his ultimate most favorite place ever! Shyann& Squirt used to sunbathe for hours outside in the summers. Shy would stand there eating grass til her hearts content with Squirty sleeping in the shade under her belly (PS did I mention Shyann is for sale?! My heart is broken I can't have her)! It was so sweet .. I really wish I had of snapped some photos of it. With the dogs that live there now completely out of control, I can't bring Squirt anymore because they just run him into the ground. He's too old to be chased around like that.

He prefers his purple pillow.
I love his paws in this photo for some reason

Okay this started out a small, quick post to show some of the photos I took this AM of the pup (yes, there are more) but turned into a huge, rambling post about how awesome he is instead. I'm sorry. I can't help but brag about him because he is pretty great, wouldn't you agree? At the very least he's got something going for him with that shaggy, scraggly look!

I leave you with his best attribute.
The 'snaggle tooth' ;D


Belly B said...

Awww isn't that the most adorable dog in the world? Can't believe he's only 5 pounds haha! And what a strong and lucky dog, surviving the pitbull attack!

Belly B :)

J Hodd said...

Aww haha Squirt is too cute!!!!

Yvonne said...

Belly B- thanks :) And yup .. he's a trooper for sure !

Jaimie said...

Love that dog :) And his name!