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August 03, 2011

Busy weekend

Wow! It's 12.18AM on Wednesday. I am exhausted. You would swear I'd been busy doing really important things.. I wasn't. I spent my weekend with Garret at Bike Fest& then playing babysitter at the baby shower. I got a few cute snapshots& had a delightful sleep. No wonder people with kids want to sleep. Those things really don't have an off button! I managed to survive without too many battle wounds.

Sweetest most energetic child ever.
No. Seriously. This girl could win the Energetic Award if one existed!

My prize for surviving the children? A bottle of red wine. Okay actually I won it because my team won the baby shower game& only myself& one other person were legally allowed to drink. He gave me the wine out of sheer pity. I don't drink red wine but I'm thinking I might start.

Oh I also got to play with a $2,000 camera lens. Thanks, Paul! You rock :) Next time we'll have longer to shoot. Anyone have any good photo subject ideas?! We're going out again on Sunday so my fingers are crossed that inspiration strikes me before than ..and I'm never inspired so it would be great if you folks could help me out. Yesterday we went to the graveyard so I could practice with the lens a little bit. I got some cool macro shots. Here is my favorite:

What do you think?
Should I save my money& purchase it?!


Joyful Sparrow said...

I feel like I need a bottle of wine a lot of days after chasing 4 kids around all day long. I feel your pain!

Your photo is beautiful, and I think you should go for it if photography is something you'd like to dabble in! I so wish I had the money for something like that. :-}

A Lost Feather said...

hehe a bottle of wine sounds like a great prize to me :) red is my fav actually.. pinot noir or malbec. i used to hate it.. but now i hate white wine and can only drink red. seems that happened to a lot of my friends.. maybe your taste in wine changes with age? haha

Amie said...

really pretty photo! I've always wanted a real fisheye lens but I can't decide if i should shell out the money, either! I think saving up for it is a great idea if you know you'll use it a lot..a new lens is totally worth it :]

Yvonne said...

JS- wineee! A popular choice all around ahaha. And thanks ..I love my dSLR so I probably will eventually!

LF- Crazy. I am excited to try it now& see if my taste buds have evolved to include red wine :D

Amie- I have a fish eye& it's really fun to play around with!