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June 20, 2011

Lots of photos!

So today was a photo kind of day! Spent the afternoon and early evening with Hillary. First we hit up the barn to hang out with Dewey. He was a good boy for the most part and we enjoyed some quality time with him ..I think he probably ate 20lbs of grass. Good thing I'm not trying to make him lose weight or anything :\

Love this horse.
Even on days when I don't like him!

So after that we headed home. I had some delicious rice with sweet& sour sauce. This is the BEST combination of foods in the entire world. If you have never tried it, I would practically demand you do so at your earliest convenience!! It was heavenly. I would have had more but I ran out of rice. SO SAD. So then it was still nice out so Hill& I took our puppies to the beach. Squirt had an excellent run (of which there are no photos because my dog is so grossly dirty) and Max was in heaven bugging him! After the beach, we headed back towards our houses. We played fetch with Max while Squirt lay on the grass and looked at Max like he was thinking:

Stupid puppy. They are going to keep throwing that every. single. time. How long until you learn to stop bringing it back to them? You need to learn to play fetch like I do. Run to the item and look at it then walk away with it. It's mine. I got it fair and square. What kind of idiot brings it back only to have it thrown away again? Learn quick, little dog.

Heheh love this shot!
This was the sweetest little moment ever. So glad I caught it!

Yes. I feel like that was his exact thought process while watching the three of us. After that, Hillary let Duff out. Duff is a ragdoll cat. AKA the best and ONLY cat I like. He is SO beautiful. Seriously. So him and Squirt hung out for a bit. I took a lot of photos of him because yes; I am obsessed with that animal. He hates Max so much.

See what I mean when I say his eyes are GORGEOUS?!
Loveee this cat. You don't get much better looking than that!

See what I mean when I say that they love each other?
This shot is super cute. You can clearly see the disgust on the cat's face!

Okay. So that was my day. It involved 144 photos of myself, Hill, Squirt, Duff, Max& Dewey. Then a lot of editing. How did you spend your Monday?! I hope it came even half as close to as awesome as mine :)

One last thing -we had a CRAZY storm last night. There was lightning, thunder& HAIL! So crazy. My mother wrote a post about it and included all of the photos so I won't bother recapping it on my blog. Instead I'll just link to hers. You should definitely check it out because it was wild! The photos are so cool. Click here to read about crazy Cape Breton weather! So neat. So glad my car windshield didn't break.


Joyful Sparrow said...

What a beeeeeautiful kitty! Those eyes are killer gorgeous, and you snapped a really great shot of them too.

Yvonne said...

Thanks so much! Duffy appreciates the compliment for sure ;D

Alyssa said...

That dog is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait until I get my own puppy.

Yvonne said...

He is definitely a pretty sweet little guy :)