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June 21, 2011


Well, ladies& gentlemen. Today is officially the first day of summer. This little island is off to a pretty great start ..we wore sweaters and coats to the barns. As we were letting our horses eat some grass, we were discussing how we could have used hats& mittens :( Basically, I hope your summer weather is going better than here!

Hail from our freak storm.
Wishing we were a tropical kind of island!

So someday I'll stop talking about the weather but it's a favorite topic of mine. Not sure why ..always been slightly obsessed with knowing the weather. It's sort of weird, actually, when I think about it. Despite the cold, it was sunny and not raining so we saddled up and took our ponies outside for the afternoon. I had a FABULOUS ride on my golden horse, definitely couldn't have asked for better behavior from the boy. So we had an easy ride, he got lots of treats& then I came home. Somehow I managed to spend 6.5hrs there ..the barn is like a time warp! Especially in the summer. I'm constantly amazed how long I end up there. It certainly didn't feel like that today. Just wishing now for some warmer weather for a bath for Dew.

So, aside from that I also have 2 photos for you folks! One from yesterday and one from today. The one from yesterday was books and it got pushed back because of all the photo editing I did last night ..I couldn't be bothered to also upload and edit that one. Today's photo was 'high angle' which left me confused. Do I do a high angle of a person, place or thing? My dog? Looks like you'll just have to scroll down& see ;)

Here is my photo of books.
So it's a little different spin on it but I loved this cover!
Actually the entire book is pretty awesome should read it!

'High angle'. So confused.
A high angle shot of color? Sounds perfect!


J Hodd said...

Angle shot of colour is now my desktop background at work :)

Allison said...

that hail was freaky for sure!

Yvonne said...

Jess- YAY! That makes me happy :) Glad someone is getting use of all the photos I take!

Momma- most definitely! Such a fun few hours. I love weird weather <3