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June 22, 2011

You searched what?!

I know I already did a post on this ..but I just can't help myself!

Okay so some of my blog topics have returned some rather bizarre search results. I find this so strange and wonder what kind of people are finding my blog. Some results are obvious (say yes to the dress, cabot trail, 16& pregnant, etc) but then I get the odd weirdos who are actually typing these things into google. Or google is lying to me ..but I don't think it does that. So here are some screen shots from some of the weirder search results!

Can I just say the first few made me laugh.
Then I saw the last one and did a triple take ..what the?

It made me laugh and wonder if there is a blog called half passed out.
If that's what they were looking for they were disappointed when they found my blog instead!

I have also had a lot of things that probably will result in jail time eventually for some people. My post about naked baby photos has returned some bizarre search results. I don't have screen shots of them (tragic, I know) but here is a list of some stranger phrases that have found my blog:

naked babes show them to me
pictures of completely nacked 12 year old girls in a bathtub
can i take pictures of my baby naked?
cute 4yr old bums naked

And that is just a quick sampling from the results in the last week. Typos and weird phrasing all them. So ..welcome to jail people. Except the honest question of 'can i take pictures of my baby naked?'. I hope she read my blog and decided she shouldn't but if she MUST then please don't post them on the internet. Again, no one cares.

I am amazed constantly by the results that will find my blog! Do you guys have any weird, creepy or downright bizarre search results that have found your blog? Or do regular people not share my obsession with strange search results?! Enjoy your Tuesday!


J Hodd said...

Yikes... I'm a little creeped out...

Yvonne said...

All a tad bizarre ..thankfully there are no p90x photos of me on my blog. Maybe they were content with photos of me and my horse though ahaha

stoppingfordaisies said...

Ew, some of those are creepy. Blegh!

Taylor Christian said...

I'm concerned for you my dear!! How in the world...why in the world..Ugh..BLESS YOUR HEART. I guess I need to check mine now. lol