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August 10, 2011

Autumn in August

No, seriously. The rain has stopped (momentarily) and the temperature is perfect autumn weather. I would love if the weather was this way always ..even on the tenth of August! It has become obvious that we aren't going to get any summer weather so I'm basically just hoping now that we get some glorious autumn weather and the rain stops for a few days! The sky is still pretty overcast but me& the pup are going for a walk in a little bit if the rain does hold off.

The greenery is so confused from this weather that the leaves are already starting to change colors to a more autumn look. This is highly depressing seeing as leaves don't usually change colors until end of September/ start of October. Our horrible weather has even managed to make the trees want to sleep until it's all over with. Now that's saying something!

One perk to this colder weather? I didn't have to give up tea for the summer! I usually can't drink something hot when it's hot out& so I stop drinking tea from June- September. This year I can blissfully drink til my heart's content :D For a change today though, I think instead I'll make myself a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream& chocolate sauce with some cinnamon sprinkled on top. To people who live where it's hot're probably feeling disgusted by the thought of that. Anyone out there living in my climate?! If you are I know you are thinking how fabulous that sounds! Allow me to provide you with a visual of my drink.

So delicious!
Ever make fancy drinks for yourself?

So, what else is new aside from the weather& delicious hot drinks? Well.. the other day I hung out with the Haflingers again. Still have no photos but I promise once I can catch them& brush them down so they look beautiful I will get some for you guys. Instead I took photos of a pregnant cat. We lovingly call her Preggo I'm not sure what her name will be once she has her babies! She is obviously a house cat, not a barn cat& loves the attention we give her. I can't wait until she has her babies for the photo ops!

Isn't she pretty?
Hope her babies are good lookin' too!

So we are spending lots of time with her so that we will be able to go near her babies without getting cat scratch fever ..or just scratched in general! Especially when you consider that I don't really like cats. Aside from Duffy. Preggo isn't as pretty as Duff but she's very sweet so I'll give her a pass for 'Cats I can tolerate'. Any suggestions for new names for her post-pregnancy?!


Allison said...

you can call her mamma! xo

J Hodd said...

Your hot chocolate looks delicious!

I looove baby kitties... I'll be drooling over them if you post pictures when they're born.

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I am definitely living the cooler life and well up for a hot chocolate today! :)

Yvonne said...

Mom- That's a good idea ahah

Jess- don't worry ..there will be photos!! Assuming we can find the kitties that is!

Sopihe- so glad I'm not the only one experiencing autumn weather :)