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August 11, 2011

Being stalked

Yesterday was eventful. I spent the afternoon with Hillary, Max& Squirt. We chased the 2 pups all over the beach ..I got some cute photos! I'll do a second post later today with them because they don't go with the rest of the topic of this blog post at all. So after that, Crystal& I headed to the barns. Nothing really interesting happened there. I know you're thinking 'Where is this story going' I right? Well. First we stopped at one Tim Hortons to get teas& muffins. They had no chocolate chip muffins so we headed to another to get the muffins. Here's where things take a turn for the weird.


No. Seriously. That part was weird but that was just the start of it. So Crystal settled for a Fruit Explosion muffin& I settled for just a tea ..I guess I can enjoy the lack of extra calories. So we decided to sit in the mall parking lot. Since we took her car to the barns we're in a bright yellow Sunfire. This is important because she basically owns the only one in the part of town we live. So this white Dodge starts circling us. Seriously like a shark at its prey.

This is us.
We don't blend in.

So we're just sitting there eating& drinking& thinking 'WTF' while we watch it. There are two older men in it and they just keep circling us. Then they leave the parking lot. They come back. They circle us some more before parking. They park directly across from us& then proceed to flash their brights at us. Repeatedly.

Uhh .. what? What is happening here. So we pull up behind them& park. Then shine the brights on them. They took off like bats out of hell and we couldn't find them again. How weird is that? They were definitely watching us. I just hope they weren't trying to be sneaky or spy because they REALLY suck at it if they were. Oh well. So have you ever had the feeling of being watched?!

It is definitely weird .. I drove home watching for the car the whole time. Not that they would have known it was me because by this point I was in my 'definitely-blends-in' little beige Civic. Who knows what they were doing or what they wanted. I just wish I had a way to run their plates& see if I could put a name to them.


J Hodd said... bizarre! maybe they saw you guys people watching that saturday night?

amy b.s. said...

okay, that is too weird!

Yvonne said...

Jess -didn't even think of that! You might be onto something there ahah

Amy -I totally agree!