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April 26, 2013

Busy weeks!

So I went away to an agility trial last weekend. It was me, my trainer& 3 dogs. Only 1 of those three was competing, the other 2 just tag along because we like them ;) Penn can't compete until she's 18 months old and Panda is an older dog with an injury who no longer competes. Since my blog isn't really focused on agility, I'll just say that in 4 runs we got a third& fourth place. Not stellar.

Moving on, I have wanted to get back to blogging for some time now& even made a few half-hearted attempts over the last few months. My laptop was quickly biting the dust so that made using it a pain. I finally made the decision and caved. I bought an iMac. It is lovely ..even if it left my wallet crying salty tears. I just need to get my PTM actions moved from my laptop to this to be completely re-ready to start taking& editing photos. I'm so excited. I managed to finally upload some photos from our agility club a few weeks ago& this photo really stuck out to me-

Look at the crazy face on that brown Border Collie! This is the dog I compete with and he is crazy awesome. I love my little Vizsla, but she will never be as fast or as focused as this guy on an agility course!! Some day I will get a video uploaded to youtube and show you guys just what I mean when I say fast. I also need to get a video of Penn doing all her tricks! She is going in to get her girly bits cut out on Wednesday, so I think if tomorrow is nice I'm going to make Garret have a photo session with the both of us in the morning.

Okay, I'm so sorry that I'm rusty with this whole blogging thing and I haven't been doing this enough so I feel like I have ten million things to say and that my posting is just all over the place. I'm going to make a point to be sure to blog at least 3 times a week from here on out& hopefully find some more photo link-ups to enter+ get some life back here! Tomorrow, at the very least, I'll take some photos of Penn's big day out& have something to blog about for Monday afternoon! Now, I'm off to bother my sleepy little family and have some quality snuggle time with all of them.. I hope your Friday night is just as enjoyable as mine!


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