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April 12, 2013

Worst spring.

I've been so busy! My laptop is getting ready to bite the dust& in the next week, I will have a beautiful new Mac desktop along with new motivation to shoot, edit& write! In the meantime, let's all bask in the glory of spring's arrival ..unless you live where I do. In which case, we're pulling out our winter boots, mittens& hats in preparation for 10-15cm of snow overnight. In honor of that, here's Penny's advice:

Moral of the story? This sucks. Waiting patiently for spring to arrive on this little island. In the meantime, I'm just pretending I live somewhere tropical& avoiding going outdoors. Hopefully a hateful winter/ spring means that we're getting a lovely summer. If we have a miserable summer, I'm really packing up Penny& moving somewhere else!

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