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March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Okay. I have been the biggest slacker when it comes to blogging ever.. I keep saying I'm going to get back into the swing of things& start blogging again. Then I don't.

I'm getting my whole website redesigned in the very near future& it will include a lovely blog. This means I'll have to get my rear in gear& put it to good use! My life has been very busy ..filled with swimming, taking photos& running agility dogs. I made plans to run the Disney half-marathon next winter so I guess at some point I should start running again.

Is Good Friday the day Jesus died? If so, I feel it's a tad ironic to call it a good day for all those Christians. I only know you're supposed to go to church& not eat meat. Thank god bacon isn't meat ;) Easter is definitely my favorite holiday because I love chocolate& the fact that it means that it's getting closer to the summer! Since today was determined to be a spring day, I packed up the boyfriend& the dog and we headed to a dog park where Penny had fun chasing dogs, chasing balls& running away from a boy dog who thought she was especially pretty. My girl is too classy for that nonsense. Poor old dog, he was just feeling the effects of spring.

Guys, I totally forget how to write an effective, funny blog post so forgive my next few posts which will be awkward& filled with shaking off my dusty (and lacking-even-when-in-full-force) writing skills! Time to hop back on that blogging train& get serious.

I will post again tomorrow I pinky-promise. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful photo of Holly, a Quarter Horse who is absolutely gorgeous. At least she'll make this trip to my blog worth it ..because I'm fairly certain the lack of content here did not make for an enjoyable re-entry into my blogging.

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