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June 14, 2011


That is the amount of kilometres I clocked today. I rocked a 52k bike ride .. had some gorgeous scenery which always helps! After that I figured I'd put my feet up and spend the evening relaxing. Turns out I clocked 6 more kilometres with Tiff! It was an awesome evening run! The tea afterward was especially delightful.

I am slowly starting to like my new shorter hair. Some perks:

1. It never gets in my face
2. It dries way quicker
3. Requires much less product.
4. Still looks pretty great after 58k!

So on that note .. I would attach a photo except that I don't have one on my computer. I have one on the Mac though so if I get up to get more food I'll edit this post and throw it up. Considering I'm craving another one of those chocolate chip cookies (DAD! Stop bringing delicious treats into the house I can't turn down!!) I may actually end up in the kitchen before too long.

Actually ..a quick check of photobucket shows me I already saved it in there. So here you go:

So .. that's my hair. I'll update this post with run photos after my momma uploads them for me! Until then, enjoy this lovely evening :)

Updated with photos from the Fiddler's Fun Run!

Meg& I giving Tiff a last minute pep talk!
Love this shot ..good job, Momma :)

Meg coming through the gates!
Congrats on first place pretty lady :)

Me -crossing the line 3 minutes later.
28th overall .. 12th in my age division!

Tiff, myself& Meggy!
Enjoying some post-run orange slices& bananas.


J Hodd said...

Great hair! I thought you were going more blonde?

Yvonne said...

Was going to ..but got talked into red hair again. I love red hair so I'm not complaining! Plus the fact that it's SO SHORT took a few days to adjust to so SO SHORT and blondeeee would have been too much I think ahaha

Allison said...

shoe pic please!

Faith said...

I cut my hair that short recently, too! It took me a few days, but I love it for all the reasons you posted!

You look so cute with your short hair! I think you're a great redhead!

J Hodd said...

I like the red a lot anyway!

Joyful Sparrow said...

I LOVE your new hair! And I'm sure it's good for all the training you're doing. Beautiful!

Yvonne said...

Mom -promise to update this with the shoe photo ahaha

Faith -Thanks! I think I'm in the same boat of adjusting :)

Hodd -Me too actually!

JS -Thankss so much :)