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August 23, 2011


So I know a few people are curious about the exhibition. Basically, it's a giant mish-mash of circus rides, fair games, horse shows& agriculture events along with some delicious circus treats (cotton candy, candy apples, popcorn, etc)! So it really doesn't get any better than that. It usually rains every. single. day. but this year was different- we had sun. Small miracles do happen. I took some photos for you guys so you could experience it :) I missed a few great shots (think sheep being sheared) but managed to get some pretty cool ones.

Giant draft horse. I'm 5'8.
His name is Bud& he's sweet as pie!

There are tons of heavy horses& they pull 2, 4, 6& 8-horse hitches. It is pretty awesome to see but, of course, I didn't manage to really get any great shots of it. Just a few of me hanging out with Bud to show you how massive he really is! Crazy, eh? Alongside the horses, there are tons of other animals there. Like cows, goats, sheep, donkeys& PIGS! There was a giant pig who had piglets there (12 of them!) and the guy let me hold on. I have a photo, but first? The photo of her reward for being a good momma& letting strangers handle her babies.

Yup. That's a pig.
Eating an ice cream cone. NBD.

The best part of the exhibition, though? The food. Seriously. It is the one place where you can eat like a pig& have the calories not count and not even feel remotely guilty! There are delicious chip trucks, junk food, corn, pizza& all kinds of goodies like fudge& ice cream. It's basically impossible to not want to eat everything you smell and see around there. Trust me, I tried.

Caramel apple.
$4 ...better be delicious!

There was also a giant display of snakes and other gross creatures. My mom is so sad she missed out on that this year! One snake was a 14ft boa constrictor who eats 16lbs of rabbit meat however often snakes eat. Which is a lot, apparently, because they told me to remove Squirt from the area. He weighs 5lbs. I didn't need to be told twice. Then there was so strange kid with a corn snake who was just chillin' who let me take his photo. Thanks, kid!

Cool, eh?
Not so much for me.

As I'm writing this post, I'm realizing I have a crazy amount of photos from the exhibition. For example, as I scroll through them I'm noticing I do, in fact, have a photo of the 8-horse hitch that occurred! It is kind of crappy but gives you a good example of just how cool the heavy horses are I'll throw it on here anyway.

Now this is better.
Frig playing around with snakes!

The games at the fair are really fun. One, in particular, is very close to my heart. It's called The Color Game ..okay, it might not really be called that. In fact, I don't think it has a name. Everyone plays it underage and it's the best game ever for gambling. It used to be funner when you'd throw the ball into a spinning color wheel. Now it's just a wheel the carnie spins. Oh well, I still love it.

Cool, eh?
Very retro-chic ..or something.

You win money. I won $10. Garret lost $10. I'm way better at that game than he is. I've been playing it way longer than him and Lady Luck likes me more :) Garret, however, is very good at games that actually require a skill. So, on his first try, he won me a cute little knock-off of a My Little Pony! So much fun.

Thanks, boyfriend!
Photos of pony+ Squirt coming soon ;)

Okay. This post is psychotically long so before I go, I'll leave you with one last photo and just have to let the rest of Exhibition be left to your imaginations ;) I know you guys MUST be sick of reading about& looking at photos of this event by now. Mostly, I was just trying to show how varied& fun this one week in August is. Last photo is a tug-of-war between 10 guys and a tractor. Seriously. This is how we spend our time ..there was also a hay toss and other things that would make you scratch your head (unless you're from a town like mine)! So, does your town have anything like this? Or are you officially thinking you need to visit Cape Breton while this event is going on to see what's it like in real life?!


Jaimie said...

Wow that was way more upper crust than the fair I went to, except the boy in the I <3 butter shirt, he would have fit right in haha.
Thanks for sharing the pics!

Yvonne said...

Hahaha Jaimie ..I don't think it's very 'upper crust' and more just I edited out the things that give away just how grubby it really is ;)

Allison said...

missed the ex this year... no reason truly other than maggie did not need my company... she is out growing me i guess.... can't say i am said to miss the snakes... or those giant horse which you are much too close too!!

J Hodd said...

Did you realize that technically you got TWO stranger photos? I <3 Butter Boy should count as one. You're way ahead of the game!

Yvonne said...

Sorry, Momma! I know you're secretly a little sad aha

Jess- I thought of that AFTER posting this LOL!