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August 23, 2011

Two-faced Tuesday [3]

So here is my most recent 100 Strangers photo. Taken at the Tim Hortons my boyfriend& I frequent. I didn't speak to this couple, I just snapped it while they were watching what was happening.

Enjoying a beautiful sunset.
And all wrapped up because it was chilly!

When I was deciding whether I should go speak to them or not, I figured I would just let them be to enjoy the bikes& sunset. They seemed fun to take be my first couple to make a story up about! So I am figuring that they are a perfectly average couple.. been together for years, own 2 little West Highland Terriers and have 1 child. A man who is married with 2 kids, a boy and girl. They own a small house in the centre of the town and it's filled with colorful things and probably, by some standards, could be considered the start of a small hoard. I don't know why but the woman seems like a hoarder. Maybe I've just been watching too much A&E?

The woman definitely doesn't drive a bike but the husband probably does. It's possible they just really want to have a bike, seeing as they were looking longingly at them. They just stood there watching the activity& being completely unaware that they were being photographed& about to be featured in my blog ;) Thank goodness this isn't a fashion blog because they were exactly very fashion forward! Considering my clothing that day was probably less fashionable than theirs, I will just leave it at that. They also didn't think they were about to become a feature at HalfPastWonderful so I suppose it's okay. Lots of days I'm dressed in yoga pants& t-shirts so it wouldn't be wise of me to be giving anyone any fashion advice!

So, that leads me to my next part of this blog post- has anyone else taken up the 100 Strangers project?! If yes, link me to your blog! I'd love to see what other people are doing with it! Also, do you think the story seems to match the strangers? What would you think their story was? Leave a message letting me know if you agree with me or if you had a completely different idea about them when you saw the photo!


Allison said...

my story for your photo... a loving couple each married to someone else... escaped to cb on a get away together... not wanting kids to find them... horrified if they knew they were photographed and publicly posted... their secret revealed... but unaware so enjoying each others company until they return to their harsh reality!! lol xo

Joyful Sparrow said...

What a neat idea! I love people watching and snapping photos of random older couples I see walking hand in hand down the street. Very unique project you have going on here!

Anonymous said...

I also love watching people! It's fun to see each individual! I found you through ftlob! I have been blogging for about 6 months. And just cracked the 10000 page view mark. I'd say about 5000 of that is from me! I always think, who is gonna think I'm interesting enough, to want to sponsor me! I am terrified about the whole thing! I am liking what I see here! Your newest follower.


Yvonne said...

Mom- love the story ahahah

JS- Thanks :) You should try it!

Amy- Hahaha thanks for the follow and the chuckle!