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June 15, 2011

Is that -

MORE RAIN?! Good lord. If there was some type of sacrifice I could make to the gods to rid us of this rain, I would be more than willing! At this point things have just become ridiculous. It rains constantly. Not only does it rain but it's incredibly windy (which I blame on being an island) and COLD. It's June 15th and we're still in single digits.

Or if you're a crazy °F user?
We are a chilly 48°F over here on the island!

Brrr .. so thankful I only have to do a 6k tonight. It's even supposed to be my 'speed' run so the hateful weather will certainly be my motivation. Run quick to get back home& enjoy a nice hot shower!! Training sucks in this weather.

So aside from complaints about the weather (which I'm sure you're all getting sick of& for that I apologize), what else do I have to say in this blog post? Well ..Project 365 sort of died on me when I decided to take up training for triathlons, marathons& 3-day cycle tours. So while reading Stopping for Daisies, I came across her mention of 30 days of photo fun and decided that this was doable. I like when I have specific goals to photograph rather than depending on my creativity. For one because I have very little creativity to start with aha!

Neat, eh?
Found it here!

Much like little miss SFD, I am late to the party. I'm even later than her since she discovered it yesterday! So I am starting with Day 1 on June 15th. Better late than never, right?! So here is my self-portrait:

Post-much needed shower.
Hair still wet .. looking a mess.

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