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July 25, 2011

Hello, Monday!

Newest post up on Rounder! Check it out and leave some love for Sarah. She does a great job .. I look forward to her Monday posts more& more each week :)

Nice to see you, Monday. Sort of ..seeing as I'm writing this post at 1AM on Monday. I know I have to be up early tomorrow to take the kids for pony rides and then spending the day there with Crystal so I figured I'd write this post before bed! Sometimes I'm very smart.

So first let me say that I hate photobucket. Every single time, without fail, it won't upload all the photos and then on top of that it also freezes up my browser. ARGH. Does anyone have any better places to upload photos to than there? Seriously starting to get very annoyed with how poorly that website works. I used to love it. I tried Flickr but that has some kind of limit on the amount of space you can use per month unless you pay thanks. I'll pass.

Secondly, tonight I saw some fireworks. They were very pretty and I swear the whole town turned out to watch them. One good way to tell you live in a small town is to see how much of a crowd fireworks draw. The bigger the percentage of people, the smaller the town. I'd say 95% of the town was there. The other 5% are either in prison or at work ahahah so I grabbed a few quick snapshots. I was really wishing that I had of remembered my tripod (of course, forgot it in my car). Oh well, I think a few turned out alright despite that.

Fireworks are one of my most favorite things in the whole world! I could literally just sit there and watch them forever .. I honestly don't think I would ever get tired of them. I love summertime because there are so many festivals& celebrations on this little island that I get to see lots of them. I think this was already my fourth time watching them this summer! I'll remember to bring my tripod along with me next time. I need to work on holding my hand steady.

What are your favorite parts of summer? Does your town light off as many fireworks as mine does? Does it bother you that they are so bad for the environment (it bothers me ..except I still can't help but find them stunning)? Are fireworks the huge draw for your town that they are for mine?! Nothing like the end of something (festival, event, celebration, party) to show off how well people around here can light things on fire& watch them explode ;)

Oh, one last thing - what is your favorite kind of firework?! Do you like colorful ones? Ones that are shapes? As you can clearly tell.. my favorite kinds are simple colors and sparkly. So beautiful. I HATE red& green ones because they remind me of Christmas and I hate all color combination's that remind me of events (red& pink .. black& yellow/orange .. red& green ..etc) so much that everyone who knows me knows my hatred of them. Most firework color combos seem to be red& green which tends to frustrate me. I should work on that. Hmm .. oh well, here is one last shot that looks like a giant sparkler. Let me know what you think of my firework photos :)


J Hodd said...

AHH I am so with on the colour combo thing... and I hate the red and green fireworks for that exact same reason!

Jaimie said...

There isn't a free photo storage site that will do what you want.

I use smugmug, I pay for the pro account and I love it :) I think their basic account is $50 a year and I def recommend it :) Worth the $$, gives you the best image quality you provide, unlike free image servers which compress and destroy your photos.

Jaimie said...

Forgot to mention, they offer a free trial and I think if you enter my email addy jaimiejusczyk at they will give you $5 off.

Amie said...

I use Imageshack when I don't want to host things on my Flickr. Pretty good for a free hosting IMO. Last time I took photos of fireworks, I forgot my tripod too! The ones with one burst of color are my favorite, especially purple. pretty photos :)

Yvonne said...

Jess- SO GLAD. I always thought I was the only one!!

Perfect, thanks Jaimie! I'll look into it.

Amie - thanks! I'll check that out first because I'd rather have it free ahaha