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May 16, 2011


Today I went to the barns. It rained a lot, so I didn't ride my bike. That sucks. I will HAVE to ride tomorrow regardless of the weather. My hip& shoulder don't hurt .. thank whoever for small miracles.

So, now I have some pretty photos :) I have quit 365 on the blog ..but I will keep uploading them to my flickr. I'll post the link at some point! Until then, enjoy these.

A crappy photoshopped photo of a fabulous blue drink :)

A delicious frog cake! 
Yummm :)

Dewey in the crossties. 
Whut up bad horse?

My photographer missed me but got him!

Pullling .. but generally being a good boy.
Rock on, Dewey.

I am not nearly as forward as I look :\ 
I blame the coat.

So, there we go. Some pretty craptacular photos of Dewey, cake& drinks. I hope it was as visually awesome for you as it was for me. I also hope the rain stops soon .. enjoy this evening ladies& gents!

PS -some Petit Prince to brighten your day :)

2 comments: said...

Very pretty pictures... love that first one, the colors are gorgeous! And the frog cake, frogs are my current obsession (going to be my classroom theme next year).

Joyful Sparrow said...

Give the horses kisses for me. Great & wise souls lie beneath the skin of a horse, I believe. Such majestic animals.