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May 17, 2011


So.. I am obsessed with tracking things. I need to know how many calories I eat in a day. I need to know how many miles I am running / biking / whatever a week. I enjoy having these things because I like seeing my progress. I am such a narcissist.

So, since I know you're all DYING to be as cool as I am (right ..right?!), I have decided to compile a list of the best places to track things you do in life. Remember a while back when I posted that I finally got some type of smart phone? Well it's an Android. Go me. My favorite thing about it (aside from compulsively checking Twitter) is easily that I can track my eating instantly.

My first place that I started tracking my intake / exercise with was MyPlate and it is fantastic. It's part of and has every. food. ever. So that's pretty great. You know what isn't pretty great? They only have iPhone& Blackberry apps. Stupid Livestrong. Why the Android hate?! Jerks. Gosh.

So, instead I had to search and search and search (aka I selected the first app that came up if you have better suggestions lol) for one for my phone. I finally settled on MyFitnessPal! It's actually really good ..I had half expected it to be sucky just because I loved MyPlate so much. It's pretty great. Plus, they are feeling the Android love baby. Oh and also, even if I had an iPhone or Blackberry? It infuriates me when things I can use for free online suddenly need to be bought with cash in an 'app store'. Brutal. So MyFitnessPal gets major points for being free.

So, that's where I track my calories and sometimes I log my fitness in there as well. I have discovered, however, that DailyMile is about 1,000 times better than those food journals. It's fabulous. I've only just discovered it about 6 days ago, but man I LOVE it. It tells you how many miles you clock per week, you can create routes and you can find your friends on there. Sadly, as you will see from my screen shot, I have no friends. LOL!

It's pretty fabulous and I think it's probably one of the best ones because I have noticed it being mentioned a lot on the running blogs I read. I swear that once I survive the Cabot Trail, I'm getting back into running. Maybe I'll do the 10k in the Fiddler's Run? I'll have to wait& see if I even survive the trail ahaha

Oh, and lastly .. I LOVE my bike computer that tracks my speed and distance covered and my crappy heart rate monitor. I am in desperate want of a Garmin though. Actually desperate want doesn't accurately describe.

I own the Sigma. I covet the Garmin.

So a few questions:
1. Do you guys track your fitness / nutrition? If so, what do you use?
2. Do you know any rocking biking blogs?! I need one :(
3. Do you own a really good heart rate monitor? Care to weigh in?
4. Do you bike?! I'm dreaming big here.


J Hodd said...

No to all of the above... although I did get a new bike last year... but I don't have room to keep it in the apartment, and the landlord told me I'm not allowed to keep it in the stairwell :( Lame...

Also, I am afraid to track my food because I know it would probably be a nightmare nutrition-wise! Ugh... should really work on that...

Anonymous said...

I used to love myfitnesspal.. but I got tired of counting calories! Add me on dailymile, I'm stopfordaisies over there!