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March 22, 2011

Thank you, Tim Hortons!

Apparently, Timmy reads my blog! Today, I went to my last Occ. Hygiene lab (WOOHOO!) and then when I got home, Garret was here! So we hit up Wendys ..he is a BAD influence on me. I blame him for all my poor nutritional decisions. That is easier than owning up to it LOL! The point is, after that we went to Tim Hortons, where a magical transformation occured.

I WON A FREE COFFEE(Tea, in my situation)! Garret lost. Ner-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner .. sucks to be you, boyfriend ;)
How awesome is that?! I am considering framing this photo! Thanks, Timmy .. for both reading my blog& taking prompt action to correct the situation. I feel vindicated! Victory is mineeeeeee :)

Okay.. so aside from that, today is semi-nice out. It's sunny, there's minimal wind, there is still ice in the water though& it's still freezing. So, it's nice that I am not missing a beautiful day today by studying. Life, you could be good. Especially if you make my Friday warm and delightful, since I only have 1 class. I would like it to be warm enough for me to practice driving my motorcycle please, keep your fingers crossed! Today would have been an ideal outdoor photography day, however it is still a little chilly& I am still lazy. So, instead I went to my trusty lightbox and got an indoor photo. What can I say, I'm so not a fan of being cold AT ALL.

So, overall, my day has been pretty non-exciting. I almost got hit by a red Civic in the CBU parking lot, which was fairly exhilarating. I would prefer to not have my car be in an accident, thanks a lot boy in the Civic. Then, I had to park incredibly far away from the school. That lead to walking for to get to my lab .. I ran into Barry& Marg .. I ended up being 5 minutes late for lab. Good start to the last lab ahahah after arriving, it was smooth sailing!

And now I'm home, I've eaten lunch and won a free tea .. Dr. Phil is teaching me how dysfunctional people can be (which is nice. Especially on days you're feeling particularly dysfunction yourself!) and also teaching me how excited I should be that I didn't have a baby as a teen& that I have parents who don't date 18yr olds. Thanks, Mom& Dad! You guys rock :) After my daily life lesson with the good doctor, I will be heading towards opening that file folder named 'Foodborne Test 2' and studying my evening away. I hope that it's not as painful as I am imagining it will be ..argh. Oh well, after all the sleep I got last night, I should be well rested enough for a full night of focusing& learning.

In fact, last night I got SO much sleep I missed 45 minutes of Intervention and ALL of Heavy :( What a disaster. I will be watching them as repeats sometime soon, thankfully! On that note, I'm going to devote my attention to the TV I will leave you with my photo of the day. It's a shoe! A shoe for -scrubbing? Maybe .. it has very soft bristles. It's cute ..wasn't sure which photo to pick, I don't overly love the focus of it after uploading it but, lazy wins once again! I'm not re-taking it ahaha

Hope that you all have a lovely Tuesday afternoon& evening! I also hope that you are not studying for a hateful exam coming up in the near future .. and good luck if you are in the same boat as me!


J Hodd said...

That shoe brush does not look very practical... ;)

Yvonne said...

Wouldn't even look practical to me without the brush! I am much a flats kind of girl ..although looking to expand to wedges soon.

Growing up!