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March 21, 2011

Drift ice!

Ahh .. the further we get into spring, the more it seems like the world might actually warm up! Today was only slightly bitterly cold. So thumbs up for that. Why is it bitter cold? Because I live in a house surrounded by water 3 sides. The water is currently filled with the miraculous thing known as drift ice! I will include a photo perhaps ..depending on my energy level in the next 2hrs (which, yes, is how long it will take me to photoshop all my photos to include them here& publish them!). I'm hoping I'm energetic enough to at least try, because otherwise I am giving up on having energy!

So, today consisted of NOT writing foodborne now I must tackle it on Wednesday morning instead. Ughh to this stupid midterm. Oh well. Hopefully tonight will have something fun occur, like curling up with the boyfriend to watch Heavy& Intervention perhaps?! My all time favorite way to spend a Monday evening!

For now, I'll content myself with watching Dr. Phil (brat-proofing your child future child is going to be so perfect!) and drinking water. I might even indulge in a chocolate chip cookie! So much for the health train, although after Dr. Phil I am actually going to go do Insanity. It's just the fit test, which is nice but still killer. Hoping restarting exercise will restart my energy levels ..can't survive this drained much longer! Keep your fingers crossed, eh? Until then I'm just going to lay uselessly on the couch and think about exercise. That's close to actually doing it, right?

Okay so now it's 5.20PM. Cookies have been enjoyed, photos have NOT been taken and exercise has been done! Call me almost completely productive close. If I could just get some energy to take photos, life would be so much better! Although currently I'm here in pj pants, an LA Lakers shirt and a big bottle of water that is almost empty! None of this is conducive to going for a photo. So many photos need uploading, photoshopping and posting. Blargh ..this project 365 thing is way harder than I imagined! It's also funny how I'm just leaving this unpublished and randomly updating it with how unproductive I've been. Okay, next section will include photos& also be the last!

Alright, now! Photos for today+ 2 days ago:
Starting with Saturday's photo, which is a photo of gum from work. It looks, oddly, like a photo I took a long time ago when I first got my camera. This is unique for 2 reasons:
1. I have, clearly, not improved at all ahahah
2. I rock at being productive at work!

Most excellent onto yesterday. Yesterday was a photo of the flower my boyfriend got me for Valentine's Day. No, it isn't still alive .. yes, I should probably throw it away. I had, up to this point, yet to take a photo of it though. I figured I'd snap one while it was withering away slowly on top of our water cooler!

Now, onto my photo for today! My intention was to go outside and get a photo that represents spring. That, however, did not occur. Instead, I opted to just take a photo in the bathroom. Luckily for you, it's not of anyone peeing! It's of Benefit makeup ..but it's sort of pretty! I think so, at least :)

Okay, now I'm done for the day. This was perhaps the longest, most procrastinating blog post in all of history! Hope it was worth the time it took me to write it ..enjoy ladies& gentlemen :) Oh, by the way ..I'm leaving you with a post from someecards that I feel is relevant to my life at this moment:


Meghan F. said...

I love the bathroom pic! I can also relate on the marathon front. On my run today I could feel all 76 jelly beans and 10lbs of felafel from the weekend on the arse. :S

Yvonne said...

Hahaha Meg least you're still running!!
I am promising to go tomorrow after my test. Hopefully it will be outside ..not on a treadmill!