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March 23, 2011

Accomplished Today..

I survived my foodborne test. Small miracles are abundant! It is FREEZING here in my part of Canada, which always sucks. There's lots of drift ice that doesn't appear to be going anywhere .. the wind is cold& bitter ..bright side?! I survived foodborne. First, I had to survive my school being on fire and standing outside with the girls waiting for the firefighters to let us back in. It was cold and I was not dressed for an extended outdoor adventure. If I had of had my camera (common lament in my world. Constantly saying I'm going to take it everywhere& never following through on it), it would have been a good photo opportunity! I think you can tell where this is going photo of the day from me yet :(

In honor of surviving my adventure to CBU today, I'm sitting here watching Full House and thinking that even though Ashley& Mary-Kate are adults now, I still find them just as cute as when they were little tiny girls! I am watching the episode where Jesse gets married. It's alright and certainly beats what I was doing this time yesterday --studying!

I am also going shopping tonight ..which would be WAY more exciting if we lived somewhere like Halifax or Edmonton. As it stands, I'll shop at Smart Set because I love it there and probably end up not buying much of anything. I really want spring clothes, even though it's -11C out and snowing. It may help put me in the mood for spring, if nothing else! I wish we had a Marc Jacobs& that I could afford it. I'm going to try incredibly hard to buy no jeans. No cardigans (let's be real ..I don't NEED any more cardigans). Some pretty spring tops and lots of trying things on. If I make that a promise now, I will for sure stick to it. Especially if I drag Garret along and make him play fashion police. Why is my boyfriend better at picking out clothes for me than I am?! Oh well, I will reward him with an Orange Julius and he will be more than happy!

Before shopping can begin, however, I must do Insanity. It won't be so bad, assuming I can gather the energy. I am a little wore out from studying for about 14hrs. Not to mention my body is totally over sleep, seeing as I only got 75 minutes worth last night. Oh well .. now I want cake (thanks, wedding episode& Cake Wrecks)! So, on that note .. I will leave you with a fabulous singer since I have no photo for you.
Hope you don't mind ..the artist I'm leaving you with is Sam Means. His song is Yeah, yeah. It's really good! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

So, sorry for a completely rambling post. I am just so excited to have done well on that stupid test. Plus, I'm tired AND hungry AND there is no cake in my house!!

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Random said...

I love that song ..and there is no cake in MY house either :(