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March 24, 2011

Today I..

Fill in the blank people! How did you spend your day?! I spent it going to two labs. The first one involved an exam I bombed and the second one involved standing outside for 40 minutes while freezing to a slow, slow death. I was home by 3.20PM. I am STILL cold and it's well over 3 hours later. I am snuggled up with a cup of tea, university platform diving and lots of layers! I wish Cape Breton would catch up with the seasons and turn itself into spring .. my shopping trip last night was a bust. I can't shop for spring things when I'm this cold!

So, what is on my plate for the remainder of the evening you ask? Well, I figured I'd take full advantage of my completely being alone and enjoy an evening for myself. This will include the following:
1. Long, hot bath
2. Beautiful blue drink
3. Painting my toes a spring color (I'll incorporate this season somehow. Even if I can't wear it's clothes!)
4. Uploading, editing& posting my photos on here
5. Curling up with a good book& popcorn
6. Bed early (here's hoping)

So for now, I'm deciding how to start my evening of being 100% unproductive. I'm torn between continuing to sit here for a little while longer or starting to run the bath. It really depends on how my motivation goes after finishing this post.

Until I decide, I'll let you in on my favorite part of last night: ice cream from the Tasty Treat. Garret and I split a Blizzard with Oreo crumbs! It was definitely a little chilly (it may or may not have been snowing) but it was still sort of fun to sit in the Jeep& split a delicious summertime treat. If it can't be spring, we may as well have fun pretending it is! While wearing our Ugg boots, winter coats, scarves& mittens, just in case we have to go outside ;)

Oh, also while we were doing our little air quality field trip, I was reminded of something very important. We all must be tolerant. I had this thought while trying very hard not to strangle certain people on our field trip. My first thought was 'You are so very, very bizzare'. Which was immediately followed by my second thought 'Try not to judge. Be tolerant'. My second thought failed. I tried .. and then I tried thinking of things that could increase my tolerance.

It hit me like a lightning bolt. I don't know how I've lived all these years and never consciously thought of it. Tolerance is most achievable when there is nobody around to tolerate! Wow. I'm brilliant ..practically the next Dalai Lama. It was an incredibly profound moment in my life. The only sad part was that I had such a moment while standing in an ambient air quality station while freezing cold and wearing alpaca mittens. Actually, the mittens were probably the highlight of that moment.
When I write my book, I'm going to make this moment more wonderful. It's going to involve me actually starting to live out my lack of tolerance by starting to strangle said persons but having the epiphany at exactly the critical moment! I can see it all now .. or maybe, I should just get a movie deal from my blog. Then I could pick someone totally awesome to play me. Except I'm not really good with celebrities, so that would be hard.

Okay, I'm done. The moral of the story is tolerance is easy. When there is no one around that you have to tolerate. So surround yourself with people that you don't want to strangle as often as you can. Oh, and I just learned another lesson:
Always dress like you're about to have a brilliant thought. Then you won't have to lie about it later when you're penning your personal book! I am sure glad Karli lent me those mittens ..I'll just focus on them.

So now I'm off to lock my doors (I don't want anyone to kill me while I'm relaxing) and enjoy a relaxing bath. I might even light candles to go with my beautiful blue drink. I will be back later to post my photos for today and yesterday!

Until then, enjoy your Thursday evening and I hope it is incredibly relaxing and warm :) I also hope it's filled with things you love, because everyone can use a pick-me-up from time to time!
Oh, I almost forgot to post a favorite song. This will most definitely help put you in a better mood ..unless you're going through a really depressing breakup or divorce. In which case, I'd probably skip it and go for something a little less filled with love. Like Nine Inch Nails. If you aren't heartbroken though, here is Brett Dennen -Love You the Most :)

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